WordPress Themes & Plugins To Start Your Own Group Buying Website

It’s no surprise why group buying websites have been flooding the interwebs – let’s face it, everyone wants to pay less and get more value out of their money spent. As demands for a wider variety of deals grow, you can take advantage of this growing demand and start your own group buying site with these WordPress themes and plugins.

This list of WordPress themes come complete with plugins, widgets, and countdown timers, and are built to run your website as a Groupon "clone" (as some might call it). Once you have any of these themes installed and enabled on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to start your very own group buying website.

Group buying WordPress Themes

First, let’s check out some WordPress themes for a professional look for your group buying site.

GroupClone [ Demo ] $299


WPGroupbuy [ Demo ] $99


Every Deals [ Demo ] $99

Every Deals

WPoupon [ Demo ] $99


Dealers [ Demo ] $42


Dealicious [ Demo ] $99


Best Deals [ Demo ] $99

Best Deals

DailyDeal [ Demo ] $89

Daily Deal

Group Bying Site [ Demo ] $165

Group Buying Site

The Big Deal [ Demo ] $97

The Big Deal

DealPress [ Demo ] $69.99


Simple Deal [ Demo ] $499

Simple Deal

Group buying WordPress Plugins

Next, we take a look at a few WP plugins that will help you manage your coupons/deals and possibly help set your site apart from other group buying sites.

Wishpond Social Campaigns Plugin

With this WordPress plugin installed you can easily design your own ‘limited time offer’ promotional campaigns. With the plugin, you can create Social Sweepstakes or Offers and even track the location of the people who clicked on your offers.

[ Download plugin | Visit Wishpond website ]


Spotlight Plugin

This is a ‘Daily Deal Builder’ WP plugin that allows you to offer deals to your audience. There are a few themes and payment options to choose from, giving you the flexibility to cater to special deals.

[ Download plugin | Visit Spotlight website ]


SyncFu WordPress Plugin

To use SyncFu’s Group Buying Widget you will need an account at SyncFu.com first. Then, you can create, manage, upload and share deals on your WordPress website, with support for multiple currency.

[ Download plugin | Visit SyncFu website ]


WP Deals Plugin

This plugin comes with a variety of features including PayPal payment, statistics monitoring, social media and newsletter integration to help you sell deals.

[ Download plugin | Visit WP Deals website ]

WP Deals

VoucherPress Plugin

VoucherPress lets you create custom coupons, vouchers, tickets or tokens to give away at your website. You can create your coupons with any font or text that you want, or work with ready-made templates which can be downloaded or printed through a specific URL.

[ Download Plugin | Visit VoucherPress website ]


WP e-Commerce Plugin

Manage all your coupons or payment transactions with this plugin. Plus, it can be modified to suit the theme of your website.

[ Download plugin | Visit WP e-Commerce website ]

WP e-Commerce

International SMS Subscription Manager Plugin

If you want to get notifications out to users, you can use this plugin as a bulk SMS sender. Visitors insert their mobile number to subscribe and are immediately included in the texting list.

[ Download plugin | Visit International SMS Subscription Manager website ]

Bulk SMS

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