Worlds In Bottles: A Wallpaper Collection

Photo manipulation is an advanced photo editing skill that relies a lot on your creativity. Thanks to such skills, there are plenty of photo manipulation topics out there, but today we are going to share with you a collection of wallpapers that are floating around on the Web, carrying messages in bottles.

Message In A Bottle Wallpapers

To be more precise, some of these bottles are carrying giraffes, scenes from a fantasy world, ships and safaris. They are perfect for when you want to get away from reality for a bit. For your dose of inspiration, do enjoy this week’s Wallpaper Wednesday theme: message in a bottle.

Bottle Message. Available In various sizes.

Bottle Message

Bottle. Available In 1920×1080.


My World In A Bottle. Available In 1440×900.

My World In A Bottle

Ocean Glass Bottle. Available In various sizes.

Ocean Glass Bottle

Girrafe In A Bottle. Available In 1920×1080.

Girrafe In A Bottle

Concept Art. Available In 1680×1050.

Concept Art

Sea Bottle. Available In various sizes.

Sea Bottle

Ship in A Bottle V2. Available In 1920×1080.

Ship in A Bottle V2

Bottle Ship. Available In 1920×1200.

Bottle Ship

Message In A Bottle. Available In 1620×1200.

Message In A Bottle

Bottle Aquarium. Available In 1920×1080.

Bottle Aquarium

Bottle World. Available In 1920×1080.

Bottle World

Flower Garden. Available In 1920×1200.

Flower Garden

Glowing Butterflies Art. Available In various sizes.

Glowing Butterflies Art

Drifting Away. Available In 1920×1200.

Drifting Away