You Wouldn’t Believe These Birds Are Made From Paper [PICS]

Diana Beltrán Herrera loves to seek the relationship between animal and nature with her down-to-earth tools – her hands and paper. Her enthusiasm has thus given birth to a series of exquisite paper birds which, if you didn’t pay enough attention, may easily be mistaken for a live one.


Now come forth and enjoy with us these 10 exotic bird sculptures that do not imitate, but emphasize the sheer beauty of birds and nature surrounding them.

Heron. As you can see in this exquisite paper bird, not only is Diana’s technique elegant, she also has a phenomenal sense of color.


Turaco. There’s no shortcut to Diana’s surreal paper birds; she simply handcrafted them feather by freaking feather.


Flamingo. Ever made a 3D origami paper swan? Now imagine how much work went into this.


Crane. It’s not just about the shapes, but only a skilful artisan’s hands can nail this beautiful crane.


Lesser. Even by just looking at it, you can already feel the soul in Diana’s works.


Quetzal. Exquisite, precise, rich are the words to describe this Quetzal and its colorful feathers


Disecciones. Ever wonder what these paper birds have inside? Something that amazes you even more!


Great Gray Shrike & Great Tit. Diana is always keen on fostering movement and relationship between animals, and that’s the spirit that makes her birds so believable.

great gray shrike and great tit

Blue Spirit. I wouldn’t be surprised if these paper birds spread their wings and fly, just look at how seamlessy they blend into the nature.

blue spirit

Golden Hummingbird. This bird has every potential to become a killer commercial product, but Diana does not care about money. She’s one of those warriors who honor passion above all.

golden hummingbird

Even though I’m not particularly a bird lover, I’m already in love with Diana’s bird sculptures and would love to see more of them. If you feel the same, rejoice, as you can view more paper birds in her Flickr stream.