ZenDock: Manage Your Macbook Cables With A Single Dock

Be it a desktop computer or a laptop, the majority of us has this problem – cable management. And usually, bad cable management leads to shorter lifespans of cables. But here is some good news for MacBook users.

ZenBoxx a company from San Francisco came out with ZenDock, a docking solution to free you from messy cables and a cluttered table.

The ZenDock connects to the MacBook’s Thunderbolt, Gigabit Ehternet, USB, FireWire ports and the power adapter, making it an all-in-one port. The body of ZenDock is made out of high quality aluminium and it has a look that matches your iDevice.


There are two versions of ZenDock. One of it is ZenDock Retina which is for MacBook Retina and another is ZenDock Pro for MacBook Pro.

ZenDock Retina is compatible with 13 and 15 inch MacBook Retina where else ZenDock Pro is compatible with 13, 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro.


ZenDock won’t block your audio port, memory card reader and will always leave at least one USB port untouchable. The casing is made of non-slip material for an easy grip.

You can own a copy of either ZenDock Retina or ZenDock Pro by pledging for $139 on Kickstarter. If the project goes through, the estimated date on when you will receive it is around October 2013.

via hongkiat.com http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/zendock-cable-management/