10 Apps To Get Latest World Cup Scores On Your Phone

The biggest football competition on the planet is about to begin and football fans will be glued to their TV sets in this once every 4 years event to watch the games. Being a worldwide event, the showing times will not be the same for everyone, expect to wake up in the middle of the night again to catch your favorite teams in action.

Onefootball App

No one wants to be out of the loop when it comes to the beautiful game, so to help you keep track of the matches, we have for you here 10 mobile apps to keep you updated on the World Cup with match schedules, reminders on starting time, scores and post match analysis. With these apps, you won’t ever miss a match or that goal again.

1. FIFA Official App

The official app of FIFA, where you can get news and schedules of the World Cup, and of the world of football. The app will show you all the matches during the tournament, the date each match will start in your local time (always a life saver) and the results after.

You can also get a bit of interesting trivia about the teams and the host country itself.

Download: iPhone, iPad, Android

FIFA iPad App

2. theScore Mobile

theScore Mobile is a great and simple sports app that will keep track of the statistics of a match. When starting up, you will pick your favorite teams and the app will give you all the info for a given match that the team was playing, including final scores and minute-by-minute play.

You can set it up to alert you of any new developments during a match. Also, the app lets you follow the progress of individual players – a must if you are a fantasy football fan.

Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10

theScore Mobile iPad


"The Worldwide Leader in Sports" has its own dedicated football app in the form of ESPN FC. You can browse through past, current and future matches in the calendar. The great thing about this app is that it provides an in-depth report of the match along with the usual statistics so it is a great way to catch up if you are not able to view the game.

The app also lets you set alerts to remind you of a game, and there are also recaps and analysis videos provided.

Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia

ESPN FC iPhone App

4. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo’s very own sports app provides a bevy of sports-related news to supplement the stats it provides in the app. At startup, you choose your favorite teams and Yahoo will keep you updated with everything related to those team.

You can view all of your team’s games in a simple timeline and each match has a minute-by-minute play as well as a tweet timeline that displays other people’s commentary on the match.

Download: iOS, Android

Yahoo Sports iPad

5. Eurosport

Football fans will be familiar with Eurosports, a great place for matches and commentary. They have their very own app that, along with the usual match stats, will provide a detailed minute-by minute report on every single play that happens on the pitch. It would feel as if you are watching the game life.

Download: iOS, Android

Eurosports iPad App

6. Forza Football

Forza Football displays all of the match stats in a nice, clean interface. It will even provide data that may seem trivial to the casual fan, but will be enjoyed by hardcore fans such as previous match results between the two opposing teams, the current referee to even the average height and age of the players.

You can also watch highlights and goals of the match in the app.

Download: iOS, Android

Forza Football iPad App

7. Onefootball

Onefootball allows you to follow your favorite team and get instant access to their statistics and future matches, so you will never be out of the loop. It provides in-depth analysis of past matches, presenting them in a clean, simple interface, and a Fan Zone where armchair analyst scan have their say on the outcome of an impending match.

Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry 10, Nokia

Onefootball iPad App

8. 365Scores

365Scores provides updates on the latest matches and interesting news items about the teams you are following. They also provide video links to highlights and goals of matches so you can catch up on the important bits if you somehow missed your favorite team’s game.

The app has a chat function if you want to discuss the match with fellow fans (or even rivals).

Download: iOS, Android

365Scores iPhone App

9. Goal.com & Goal Live Scores

Goal.com is one of the largest football websites, covering everything there is to know about the world of football. Their main app is a great way to get the latest news, match results, fixtures and updates about your favorite team. Match information include a preview, play by play, lineup info and an analysis report.

They also have a separate app dedicated to matches only, featuring an interesting Matchcast showing you the plays made.

Download: iOS (Goal.com, Goal Live Scores), Android (Goal.com, Goal Live Scores)

Goal.com iPad App

10. SofaScore LiveScore

Focusing more on the actual matches than the teams themselves, SofaScore lets you favorite a match and will notify you when it is about to start. The app will give you a percentage base on the likely outcome of a game and after the game, will give you the statistics of the match.

Download: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

SofaScore iPhone App

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