Majestic Fonts Amazing Sale

The trend of bundles on the ‘net is one I can get behind, as designers and developers alike can stumble upon huge value when looking in the right place. The folks over at are no stranger to putting together some awesome deals, and right now is no exception. For a limited time (only 7+ days left at the time of this writing!), you can grab their Majestic Fonts bundle for only $29. This set is valued at $600! That is a 95% discount, not too shabby.


The fonts will tick all the boxes you expect and work with whatever software you are accustomed to. The variety of the bundle is impressive, as anyone is sure to find something that catches their eye. The collection features 40 unique fonts, and all come with a commercial license. Check out a sampling below, and get over there quickly if you are interested!



Awesome August Font Bundle From The Hungry JPEG

Sometimes the thing that can make a design really pop is choosing the right font. I know designers that agonize over their font choices for hours on end, trying out everything under the sun to make sure they get just the right look. The more choices you have, the better!

Well, the folks over at The Hungry JPEG have put together an amazing font bundle this month. For only $29, you get 49 fonts plus 2 free bonus fonts for a total of 51 incredible looking fonts. Valued at $845, that is something on the order of a 95% discount, but this is only available during August. If this sounds interesting to you, act fast! They’ve also thrown in a variety of graphics and dingbats for you to play around with.

I encourage you to check out the collection, the detail and quality of the bundle is very impressive.

The fonts are previewed below…click here to download them!

The Hungry JPEG


Three Professional Responsive WordPress Themes

WordPress continues to be a dominant platform on the web, constantly fleshing out its feature-set to better adapt to the needs of its community. A big change in the way sites are designed these days has been driven by the ubiquity of mobile devices. Sites are now expected to work well no matter the size of the screen a user is browsing on. Everything needs a nice term or buzzword of course, so this design strategy has been coined “responsive”.

Most WordPress themes that are new or under active development have updated their design techniques to make sure that your site will look great on mobile and desktop screens alike. Here are several that are well received by the community:



This theme boasts the impressive credential of the being the top selling theme on ThemeForest for over 2 years. The feature set ticks all the boxes, including a visual editor that will appeal to anyone that likes to get creative with their theme building without needing to touch a line of code.



Another swiss army knife type of theme, the development hours that have gone into this are extremely high. It features a drag-and-drop admin interface, and claims to be the user-friendliest theme there is.



This theme features some very creative layouts that would be well suited to a portfolio site. Comes with a visual page builder and a YouTube video series to help you get going.

These are all very high quality and well supported themes that can be modified and extended as little or as much as you like. If you have a site redesign or a new idea in mind, definitely give these themes a serious look. If you are new to this, be sure to look around to find the best shared hosting plan you can. Websites can be launched for dirt cheap these days, most host providers will provide a great place to put your site for around $5 per month. If you use any of these themes or have some others you’d like to suggest, let me know!


Win a Free Developer Subscription to Elegant Themes

I’m happy to bring some great news for 3 lucky readers today, as the team over at Elegant Themes has partnered up with us to award 3 developer subscriptions valued at $89 to our visitors. They’ve been around for a long time and have a fantastic reputation in the WordPress community. You’ll get plenty of use out of your subscription, as the site currently boasts over 80 themes to choose from.

Elegant Themes - Enter to win

This giveaway is in celebration of their latest and greatest theme, dubbed Divi. This is a fully responsive theme with an integrated page builder, allowing you to build a site that will look great on any screen using modules inside of a grid-based layout. The possibilities are endless and the theme looks incredible! Head over to Elegant Themes to read more about the Divi theme, and check out the gallery for some cool ideas.

Elegant Themes Builder

Enter the contest using the Rafflecopter widget below, the rules are as follows:

– Leave a comment here on this site: 1 point
– Follow Elegant Themes on Twitter: 2 points
– Follow Elegant Themes on Facebook: 2 points
– Tweet about the giveaway: 1 point

As mentioned above, Rafflecopter will be used to manage the giveaway. THREE winners will be chosen on January 8th, 2014, so you need to have your entries in by end of day on January 7th (11:59pm EST)…good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Web Hosting Giveaway From


I have another exciting giveaway for you guys today! We’ve partnered up with our friends at to give out some free hosting packages. As many of you will know, having a good web host that you can trust for your site is one of the primary things you need to have a successful web presence. This is also a monthly expense, so getting great hosting for free is a pretty good deal. :)

WebHostingBuzz has been around for over 10 years and currently host over 250,000 websites on their servers. So basically, these guys know what they are doing! This is a great opportunity for those of you that might have had free hosted blogs somewhere like WordPress or Blogger to finally get your own hosting server to give you that total control you haven’t had, and you’ll be in good hands.

Here is what we will be giving away, which you can see on their shared hosting plans page:

– Three (3) Buzz Light hosting packages (400GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 websites)
– One (1) Buzz Premier hosting package (Unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites)


Both of these plans even include a free domain name, so your expense to launch that new website idea you’ve been thinking about will be absolutely nothing!

Entering is simple, just leave a comment here on this post with your e-mail address. This blog is moderated, so don’t fret if you don’t see your comment, it has been received, your comment just serves as your official entry.

The contest will run for 2 weeks, at which time I’ll notify the winners. Good luck!


Super Cute Cartoon Characters From

Stock art is a big part of just about any design business these days. Today I want to share with you a really cool service I found that focuses on one niche of design, cartoon characters! I’m sure you’ve seen all sorts of these types of toon characters used in various forms around the web. I’ve seen lots of them used in logos especially. These are certainly not an easy task to design, and usually require you to find an artist to customize a toon character for you, and that can get really expensive. And at the end of the day, you probably have exactly one pose of this character to use.

Enter These guys specialize in creating HUGE packs of poses for a toon character, and then selling those for you use how you see fit for a really affordable price. Seriously, each pack can be had for as little as $8. Even the most expensive version of each pack is $32, and for that you get scalable, editible source files that even included the individual shapes used to make up the characters so that you can create your own customized version! If you’ve even tried to commission work on one of these guys, I can’t tell you how awesome of a deal this is. They can be used on whatever your imagination can come up with. Business cards, websites, apps, tee shirts, newsletters, posters…whatever you like!

Also, there are a ton of these packs available. They have well over 100 different characters currently available, ranging from business men, to ninjas, to superheroes, males, females, kids…there are so many! Take a look around the site, there is something to fit just about any need.

These files come in a really nicely structured download that allows you to quickly find what you need. If you have the know how, I recommend trying out one of the ultimate packs and playing around with the .ai files they give you of the individual body parts, etc.

Here are some photos of some of the characters and poses, enjoy!







That last image is what you get when you download one of their ultimate packs. As you can, very easy to work with. If this is something that interests you or fills a need, definitely check it out!


Giving Away Three Premium WordPress Themes From ThemeFuse

Hey everyone, I’ve got an exciting giveaway for you this week! I’m a huge fan of WordPress, so this will be a fun prize for the lucky winners!

If you’ve shopped around at all for a WordPress theme, you know that ThemeFuse has some of the best. They’ve also got three WordPress themes to give to our loyal readers.

If you are already using WordPress then you’re going to be pumped up when you see the design of these themes. If you are fortunate enough to win, you can download a totally free WordPress theme.

Here’s how you can get your hands on one of our three free vouchers:

  • Comment on this post. Let us know where you’ll use the theme if you win!
  • Share news of the contest on Twitter and share the link to the status here in your comment: Win a free copy of @ThemeFuse #WordPress Theme from @[your Twitter] (RT to Enter).
  • Head onto Facebook and click like on the ThemeFuse Facebook page.

*Note: Comments are moderated, so there will be a delay before you see your entry appear here in the comments section.

We’ll name the winners in one week, so check back then to see if you are a winner.

Why Should You Try to Win?

You aren’t going to find a better theme for WordPress anywhere else, so regardless of the type of theme you’re looking for, ThemeFuse can help. ThemeFuse creates designs that look great, but are also functional, so that you will have a user friendly interface. They’re also easy to get up and running.

That’s getting even easier, thanks to a new partnership between ThemeFuse and a trusted hosting company. They’ll give you a free domain and set up with hosting. Find out more about this amazing product.

Check out these samples of WordPress templates on ThemeFuse.

Metro Vibes – Metro WordPress Theme

This is a contemporary theme that is responsive to mobile users, and it’s perfect for a creative professional or agency.

Metro WordPress Theme

Just Married – Wedding WordPress Theme

This is an easy to use theme that is perfect if you are planning on getting married.

Wedding WordPress Theme

Lifestyle – Magazine WordPress Theme

This is magazine oriented, but it can also be used for news, fashion and gossip.

Magazine WordPress Theme

PhotoArtist – Photography WordPress Theme

This is an ideal theme for a photographer that is trying to show off his or her work on a portfolio site.

Photography WordPress Theme

NewsSetter – News WordPress Theme

If you have a technology news site, you can’t beat this sharp looking theme.

News WordPress Theme

Enter today by following the instructions above and you could be a winner!


Storage & File Sharing For Photographers

The nature of photography has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Of course, the transition to digital photography has been essentially complete for some time now, but the fact is that new tools, programs and methods seem to be coming out just about every week to make things a bit easier (or more complex, depending on how you look at it) for photographers at all levels. If you need proof, just watch an ad for the new Nokia 1020 Lumia smartphone, which is boasting its camera quality above its actual phone capabilities!

Among all of the advancements specifically geared toward photography, one of the exciting developments for photographers is the wide spread deployment of cloud storage and file sharing methods. Citrix Sharefile is one example of a file sharing company that was designed primarily for business use, but which has opened the door to a number of significant possibilities for independent photographers.

To begin with, a Sharefile account gives you access to a secure file sharing network, which means that you can send and receive files with added encryption. If you take and send photographs in a professional capacity, and protecting your work is important to you, this means that you can feel totally comfortable conducting business online, knowing that your files are safe and secure.

Even more importantly though, with such a service you can gain access to a cloud storage network, which can offer revolutionary convenience and flexibility for any photographer. The basic concept of a cloud network is that you can save data online (in the cloud), rather than on devices – which essentially means that you can have a permanently accessible online work station. For example, you could save a PSD file from Photoshop on your work computer and access it later from your home computer, without messing with a USB, CD storage, etc. Similarly, you can take photos on a smartphone and save them to your cloud to be accessed later on a computer for editing, printing, etc.

The majority of tech developments in recent years being used by photographers consist of Photoshop add-ons and photo editing apps designed to enhance photo quality. However, if you’re simply looking for a way to better organize your photos and conduct a freelance business, file sharing and cloud storage are well worth looking into as well. :)



20+ Attractive Photography Business Cards to Fascinate You

We live in technologically advanced world and this can lead to only one thing – the competition is tightening up and this is why we can now choose between lots of different products. This is why, in case you are a manufacturer you will probably have only one chance to make a really good impression to your future clients. And thus, you have to make sure that your business card has been designed in the best way possible so that it represents both you and your style and the image of your company.

Lots of people are not paying the needed attention to the business card because of its small size, however, this is one of the most important things for your brand and as soon as you realize this – the better. Actually, the business card itself is highly personalized form of marketing these days. You will have the chance to choose between numerous designs. So if you still don’t have a business card – make sure to fix this mistake as soon as possible – it will represent and help you establish your product and therefore – attract more clients. Make sure that your logo is designed well and speaks for your products as well. In this regard, photography business card could be a great option to go for.

There are many different designs that you can choose – custom cuts and shapes, spot UV, etc. All of those things are actually really important but the most important thing, by far, is the design which has to be more than eye-catching. This is why you have to be careful while choosing it, but remember – there is no better presentation for your company and product than the business card, so pay attention to it. And with that, here are some amazing cards!




business card









elegance business card





orgbookkeeper card

photoshop business card 1

photoshop business card




High Quality Vectors only at Depositphotos’ Exclusive Vector Collection

Depositphotos has been well-known for its reputation as a good microstock agency on the internet. This site provides its user with high quality stock photos, vectors, and videos. Founded in 2009, now Depositphotos has turned into one of the most popular companies in this industry. In only just 4 years (until now), this site has successfully gathered more than 14 million stock files into their library. Besides that, this site is also supported by more than 1 million users whose number is obviously increasing over time.


If you are looking for high quality vectors, Depositphotos is just the right place. Recently, this site provides its users by exclusive vector collection in a special lightbox. As we know, lightbox is widely used in microstock websites as a special place for containing selected stock files whether by users or the site itself.

Depositphotos’ exclusive vector lightbox is always added with new stock files collection. Now you can find 4689 interesting stock vectors with high quality and free royalty. The prices for these images are very affordable and some of them are even available for free download. After offering a free pencil vector last week, now Depositphotos offers this good looking vector background for everyone.


Seamless orange From


This vector is available for totally free. To download this vector, all you have to do is register and then download. Pretty Easy! Just regularly check this site, because you may get other great vectors for free next time.

The other vectors in this collection are very interesting because they are selected from the bests. You can find abstract, background, illustration, logo, background, and other high quality stock vectors.


Vintage background From

To download stock vectors (as well as the other files) from this site, of course you must be registered first. There are two options for buying stock files here: Pro Subscription Plan and Pay-As-You-Go Credits. Pro Subscription Plan will allow you to download certain number of images every day, from 5 until 200 files per day. On the other hand, Pay-As-You-Go Credit will give you more time and flexibility because this payment type can be used whenever you want up to one year. You can buy minimum 50 credits and there is no limit for the maximum credits, since you can input the number by yourself. For more information you can visit the stock files subscriptions page.