Storage & File Sharing For Photographers

The nature of photography has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Of course, the transition to digital photography has been essentially complete for some time now, but the fact is that new tools, programs and methods seem to be coming out just about every week to make things a bit easier (or more complex, depending on how you look at it) for photographers at all levels. If you need proof, just watch an ad for the new Nokia 1020 Lumia smartphone, which is boasting its camera quality above its actual phone capabilities!

Among all of the advancements specifically geared toward photography, one of the exciting developments for photographers is the wide spread deployment of cloud storage and file sharing methods. Citrix Sharefile is one example of a file sharing company that was designed primarily for business use, but which has opened the door to a number of significant possibilities for independent photographers.

To begin with, a Sharefile account gives you access to a secure file sharing network, which means that you can send and receive files with added encryption. If you take and send photographs in a professional capacity, and protecting your work is important to you, this means that you can feel totally comfortable conducting business online, knowing that your files are safe and secure.

Even more importantly though, with such a service you can gain access to a cloud storage network, which can offer revolutionary convenience and flexibility for any photographer. The basic concept of a cloud network is that you can save data online (in the cloud), rather than on devices – which essentially means that you can have a permanently accessible online work station. For example, you could save a PSD file from Photoshop on your work computer and access it later from your home computer, without messing with a USB, CD storage, etc. Similarly, you can take photos on a smartphone and save them to your cloud to be accessed later on a computer for editing, printing, etc.

The majority of tech developments in recent years being used by photographers consist of Photoshop add-ons and photo editing apps designed to enhance photo quality. However, if you’re simply looking for a way to better organize your photos and conduct a freelance business, file sharing and cloud storage are well worth looking into as well. :)