10 Informative Flash Components

The official website of Adobe says that “Adobe® Flash® Player is a cross-platform browser-based application runtime that delivers uncompromised viewing of expressive applications, content, and videos across screens and browsers.” Note the words “…expressive applications, content, and videos…” This means that Flash is not intended only for watching videos as many people believe it to be.

Pictorial representation of mathematical data is one of the best ways to express the statistical results, especially when your audience is not mathematically advanced. This way your results will be understandable by a larger audience. Why else, do you think software’s like Google Analytics employ pie charts, geometrical curves, graphs, etc. to display their results?

Of course there are plenty of ways in which you can pictorially represent your mathematical data. There are pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, etc. And in fact one can design each one of them with slight variations to give them different looks. For e.g. a pie chart can be drawn simply on a piece of paper in two dimensions or you can give it a three dimensional touch as shown in the eight subheading below. Different types of graphs are suited for different needs and requirements.

Below I have collected 10 different types of graphs which run on Adobe’s Flash Player.

1. Line Chart

XML/SWF Charts is a simple, yet powerful tool to create attractive charts and graphs from XML data.


Demo & Download

2. zxChart

Creates dynamic charts in the Macromedia Flash SWF format. Software based on the Macromedia Flash technology and may be used on any platform.


Demo & Download

3. Complex chart

Black Box Chart is a free interactive web charting component using Flash.


Demo & Download

4. Interactive Flash Charts

Generally Fly Charts is a set of Adobe Flash (SWF) files that gives you outstanding possibility to visualize your data. Now, using Fly Charts you can create compact, interactive and good-looking charts in a minute.


Demo & Download

5. Open Flash Chart


Demo & Download

6. JC Flash Map

JC Flash Map is an Adobe Flash CS3/CS4 Action Script 3.0 component used to display online maps from all of the major map providers: Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Microsoft Maps and Open Street Map.


Demo & Download

7. Horizontal Resizable Graph Chart with Bars

This is a graph component that illustrates the data from a XML file. You can add an unlimited number of entries and each bar can have its own color to easily distinguish between the important values and those less important.


Demo & Download

8. Flash Pie Chart

There are many solutions to displaying charts on the web. Server-side reporting suites, client-side packages – you name it. Sometimes however, all you need is a fast, easy and free method to display your data. This is what Flash Pie Chart provides.


Demo & Download

9. Any Chart Flash Chart Component

Any Map Interactive Maps is a unique feature of Any Chart component that allows you to visualize geo related data.


Demo & Download

10. Animated Statistics Chart


Demo & Download

Hope this components help you to create in a different ways and give you new ideas, please give your valuable comment.

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