10 New & Fresh iPhone Photography Apps

The iPhone is one of the many smartphones in the market which has a good stock camera built in it. However, the stock camera app has limited features, so users may need to depend on third party apps to get better end products from the iPhone camera.

The good news is that there are tons of camera apps out there in the App Store for both amaterus and professionals, and everyone else in between. We’ve picked a list of 10 new and fresh iPhone photography apps that you might want to check out.

1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a well-known Android app and is now available for the iPhone. It offers features such as editing and applying filters on a new photo or the ones in the camera roll. Photos can be arranged in a collage and users can import their images from their Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Dropbox accounts. [Free]

PicsArt Photo Studio

2. SeeMail

Here’s a new way to send pictures to your friends. SeeMail lets you send photos with an attached audio clip. With this app you can record up to 33 seconds of audio to the photo instead of attaching a caption to it. [Free]


3. SymbolGram

SymbolGram allows you to turn your photo into any shape. You can crop and turn your photos into various shapes: triangles, circles, hearts, balloons and more. If you’re bored of normal looking picture you might wanna give this a go. [Free]


4. Digisocial

Digisocial is something similar to Instagram, in that it has its own social community, but with Digisocial you can send and receive high-quality audio alongside your photos. If you prefer to send voice clips, this is also the app to use. [Free]


5. Camera bag 2

Camera Bag 2 has 23 different presets/filters that you can choose to apply on your photos; adjust the intensity of the filters after application, or crop and add frames and borders to your photos. If 23 presets/filters is not enough for you, you can get 30 more with an upgrade of $1.99 only. [Free]

Camera bag 2

6. Cycloramic

Take panoramic photos or record views of up to 360 degrees with Cycloramic. As taking a panaroma photo is not that easy, this app also will emit a sound or a vibration when you’re going too fast, too slow or if your camera moves too far out of range to make the panorama perfect. [$0.99]


7. Wood Camera

Wood Camera is a grunge/retro/vintage photo app. Since you can change between effects while capturing the photo, you can see the end effect before the picture is taken. This app also allows you to edit and crop your photos. [$0.99]

Wood Camera

8. LightLeaker

Light leak was a type of error back in the days of taking photos on negative rolls but now for some reason, it is a popular photography style. This app, LightLeaker, offers 30 different types of light leaks that you can apply on your photo. [$0.99]


9. Space Paint

Want more than just photo filters? Space Paint lets you put bokehs, star formations, paint splatter, smoky effects, light effects and more to your images. Change the intensity of each effect to give a great sci-fi touch to your photos. [$0.99]

Space Paint

10. Swipe

Swipe is where photography and typography meet. Choose from 100 different fonts to add text to your images. You can also adjust the font size, colour, alignment and more before sharing it to your favorite social network platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. [$1.99]


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