10 (Really) Cool Iron Man Merchandise You Can Buy

Are you excited about the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie? Well, we definitely are after watching those epic trailers of massive explosions and superhero-y action. If you’re a big fan, we’re sure you’d like to get your hands on some merchandise for the home, or the office, or better yet to wear to the movie theaters when the third installment is finally out.

To help you with that, we’ve got a lineup of some 10 really cool Iron Man merchandise you can buy to get personal with your favourite superhero. So, Jarvis, take us away to see the coolest Iron Man merchandise everyone can buy.

1. Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Iron Man 3 Figurine

Get the latest Mark XLII (Mark 42) suit that will be featured in Iron Man 3… but in miniature size. This figurine stands about 30 cm tall with LEDs that light up the eyes, palms and chest, just like the actual Iron Man. The figurine, which has 10 removable parts, is only available in limited numbers.

Although it is created by Hot Toys in Hong Kong, it is not sold by them. To get your hands on one, check out websites like Sideshow Collectibles that have this at the pre-order stage. [$309.99]


2. Iron Man Mark VII Life-Size Bust

Standing (figuratively speaking) two feet tall, this life-size bust was created from the original mold of the suit in the movie franchise itself. It’s hand-painted and crafted with excruciating detail. This limited edition life-size bust weighs 30 pounds (around 13.6 kg) and is only available for pre-order at the point of this writing. Shipping starts in August 2013. [$799.99]

Iron Man Cufflinks

3. Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 Case

Mobile Brando sells this awesome Iron Man case for ultimate iPhone 5 protection. The case is made out of 2 plastic pieces that slide in from the top and bottom. When you turn on the camera flash on the iPhone, it’ll light up the Arc Reactor giving an effect for LED notifications. The camera is blocked but moving a small piece on the ‘chest/shoulder’ area of the armor will reveal it. [$49.00]

Ironman Iphone 5

4. Iron Man Mask USB Flash Drive

Flash drives are handy and useful, but this Iron Man flash drive also looks awesome. The blue LED that lights up the eyes serves as an activity indicator that other flash drives have. [$22.90]

Iron Man Flash Drive

5. Iron Man Arc Chest Light

Everyone knows the difference between Iron Man and Tony Stark but they both share the Arc Reactor, the glowing lifeforce provider near the middle of the chest. Just attach it to your shirt or costume and let the battle begin! [$14.79]

6. Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band

Make the transformation complete with the power bands that Tony Stark used to trigger his armor change. Made from titanium and stainless steel, and some other cool-sounding materials, this is pricier than the rest but with good reason. I mean, just look at it! [$199.99]

7. Iron Man Macbook Decals

Decals for Macbooks and iPads have been around for a while now, but if you really love this superhero, stick one onto your Mac and show your love. The cut-out on the center of the chest will glow just like an Arc Reactor, a simple and awesome looking effect.

Iron Man Energy Core Avengers [$9.79]

Iron Man Decal

Iron Man – Mac Decal [$8.50]

Iron Man War Machine Decal [$14.99]

8. Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man Shirt

We’ve featured this awesome geeky shirt before sold by ThinkGeek and we think it’s the shirt every hardcore Iron Man fan should own. It can be continuously turned on for over a day, and the battery, LED and other electronics are easily removable for washing. [$24.99]

Iron Man LED Shirt

9. Nike & Adidas Iron Man Themed Sneakers

Adidas & Nike have both come up with sneakers that have the shiny red and gold theme found on the iconic Iron Man suit. The funny thing is that the Adidas trainer was ‘accidentally’ colored with this theme and not technically marketed as ‘Iron Man edition’. The more expensive Nike version, on the other hand, is custom made by a fashion boutique looking for Iron Man fans to pick it up. [$135/$175]

Iron Man Themed Sneakers

10. Iron Man 3 Deluxe Costume

To top off the mask, here’s a suit made for superhero-ing in the backyard. Inspired by the latest design from the third installment, this suit comes with a face plate, bodysuit and gloves. The lower end of the suit comes with attached leggings, and yes, you need batteries to power up this one too. [$59.95]

Here more:

Iron Man Costume Hoodie

Love geeky hoodies? This particular Iron Man Hoodie has printed graphics on the front and back, giving you the look of wearing a full Iron Man suit. The zip also goes past the nose where another piece of the hoodie covers your forehead. [$33.99]

Iron Man Hoodie

Iron Man Arch Cap

It’s okay if you’re a more discreet Iron Man fan, you can still get this good looking Iron Man cap with a red and gold color scheme. The forward graphic shows Iron Man ‘flying out’ of the cap while the back has the words Iron Man in a comic-like font. [$29.99]

Iron Man Cap

Iron Man Key Cover

Use this Iron Man key cover to turn your boring old key into a cool looking one. Your bunch of keys never looked this good. [$3.95]

Iron Man Key Cover

Iron Man 3 Mask

Here’s a fun one for the kids, a life-sized mask to make you feel like you are Iron Man himself. It has glowing visor lights, and missile launchers and a targeting light beam, all powered with AAA batteries. Strap this thing on and match it up with the gauntlet suit (see below) to have a fun time blasting away your enemies. [$29.50]

Iron Man Cufflinks

We’re not sure if any of you are getting this but these Iron Man mask cufflinks are a must for diehard fans who don’t mind showing their fan status at the office. The shiny gold front still gives you a classy look while the red accents and blue eyes completes the design. [$29.99]

Iron Man Cufflinks


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