10 Sites For All Your Movie Trivia Needs

Of all the things that the Internet can offer us, none deserve more recognition than the truckload of movie trivia and information that you can find behind the scenes. Wikipedia can only do so much for you but if you really want the good stuff, then you have to turn to these movie trivia websites.

Some are dedicated to scripts and voice actors, others give you the inside scoop and behind the scenes information. If you are interested in knowing the fate of your favorite sitcoms, procedural dramas and animated series, we have that too in this list. These aren’t gossip sites to find the low-down on celebrity actors and actresses but if something is happening to the character they play, the casting choices or the development of the film or show they are in, you’re at the right place.

Here are 10 sites to find all the movie trivia you have ever wanted to know about your favorite movies, in no particular order.

1. NotStarring.com

For: Finding out which star turned down which role for whatever reason.

Ever wondered about the casting choices made in certain movies? At Notstarring.com, you can find out which actor or actress turned out an offered role in a successful movie (ouch!) and perhaps pondered about what would have happened if the role went to someone else.

For instance, among the actors who turned down the role of James Bond in Casino Royale (played by Daniel Craig) were Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen and Sam Worthington.

2. Movie Mistakes

For: Finding mistakes, bloopers and inside stories of what survived the editor’s cut.

Movie productions involve film crews who have their own jobs and tasks and sometimes they mess up. Sometimes, these Movie Mistakes end up in the final cut. If you are interested in things like this, you’d be glad to know that you are not alone.

The site is community-sourced and features some of the glaring, the hardly noticeable and the downright facepalm moments ever found in cinematic movies. Have a look at the best of the best here.

3. IsMyShowCancelled.com?

For: Finding out if your favorite show has survived another year.

Ever watched a series and notice that they wrapped up real quick, not really giving you any answers to your burning questions, Lost-style? The whole situation reeks of ‘cancellation’, and that’s when this site would be able to help you make sense of it all.

You can also find out when the last episode is airing in a concluded series, if the series have been resurrected, as well as the ratings of your favorite show as pitted against another (a clear hint of the direction of the show).

4. Behind the Voice Actor

For: Finding out who voiced your favorite animated characters.

What does Bart Simpson, Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner have in common? They are voiced by women! Voice actors are a talented bunch we usually take for granted. Their versatility with their voice speaks volumes when it comes to breathing life into our favorite animated characters.

Apart from their name at the end of the show, we can hardly make the connection between the character and the voice behind it, because we aren’t supposed to. It’s the reason why talents like Frank Welker and Hank Azaria can get away with voicing hundreds of characters without you noticing that they were voiced by the same actor.

5. Awards Circuit

For: Keeping you in the loop when it comes to Awards Season.

Are you a sucker for the golden statuettes that mark excellence in all aspects of film and entertainment? Then, you’d love Awards Circuit, a site which keeps track of possible nominations in all the categories even before and after Awards Season.

The site covers five of the biggest award events in the industry: the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Emmys, Critic’s Choice and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, and is made up to reflect the golden glamor often associated with these award shows.

6. Trailer Addict

For: Watching trailers, teasers and TV clips and featurettes.

The cinematography of movies have exploded way beyond our wildest imaginations, and trailers help capture some of that magic in a small bite-sized package that movie lovers consume while waiting for their movies to hit the silver screen. Nowadays, you can even do that on your laptop.

Trailers give you the gist of a movie, and sometimes it gifts you the best parts, which makes it hard to disappoint you even if the full movie does. Best of all, you also can find red band trailers, those that show too much to make it on mainstream media.

7. Movie Insider

For: Keeping up with upcoming, pre-released movies and TV shows.

Can’t wait for the news to come to you? Movie Insider is a great place for tracking news about upcoming movies at any stage of production. Also available are trailers, behind-the-scenes production photos and even an interactive map that shows you active filming sites.

Similar site: Over at ComingSoon.Net you find the latest news, reviews and previews of upcoming movies and TV shows. Also here are the latest images from a set that is filming, exclusive interviews with the film crew and box office numbers.

8. The Movie Spoiler

For: Getting the ending even without watching the movie.

Not satisfied with Wikipedia’s version of a movie plot or did you miss an important detail in the show you caught and just want to clear up all your doubts? Head over to The Movie Spoiler to get your fill of any more than 1000 mainstream movie titles.

Similar Site: A similar but greatly dressed down site, MoviePooper! does the same and you can even send in your request for someone else to fill in the blanks of the movie for you.

9. Soundtrack-Movie.com

Love the score you heard during one of the more touching scenes in the movie? You can check out the name, composer, songwriter and any other score-related matters and even listen to music clips for free.

10. Simply Scripts

If for some reason you want to find the full movie script for a movie or TV show, Simply Scripts is the place to go to. Not all of them are the final edited version. Some of them are raw or second versions but they are available for free.

Similar Site: The scripts housed at Daily Script are available in plain text format or PDF but the database of scripts available there stop coming in past the year 2010. Still it contains a lot of links to other similar script-housing sites.

Have Fun With Movies

Like the list above? Then here a couple more sites that you will probably enjoy just as much (if not more!).

How It Should Have Ended. You’ll find comics and movie reviews here, but fans usually come for the ‘other ending’ made by this site which gives you an alternate ending that is sometimes more satisfying than the original.

The Editing Room. Another site that pokes fun in the plotholes of popular movies, turning the script shorter, funnier and sometimes making more sense than the real storyline itself.

Want More?

And here are other sites that just eat, live and breathe movies. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the sites above, give these great sites a shot.

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