10 Sleek Portable Scanners You Can Buy

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to send or share some sort of information that is available only in printed form, such as from a magazine or newspaper? Snapping a photo with your smartphone could work but for some phones, the resolution is terrible. Why not use a portable scanner instead?

Many modern mobile scanners have features traditionally found on desktop document scanners. The difference is that they are lightweight and easy to take along with you. With the aid of portable scanners, any person on-the-go can easily manage business cards, statements, invoices, and any other documents they need to digitize.

Here I have put together the best, handy and sleek-looking portable scanners of the new age, aimed to make your life a little easier. Let’s take a look.

USB Mouse Scanner. This cool portable mouse USB scanner instantly creates a digital copy of any document placed beneath the mouse. This includes anything from articles, photos, maps, receipts, business cards and even something more detailed, like artwork. [$50]

iPhone and Android Film Scanner. If you are an analog film photographer, you might just have tons of photo films stored away in dust-covered boxes in your wardrobe. If you need or want them in digital form to keep, the iPhone and Android Film Scanner can do that with ease! [$59]

O King S200 Scanner. Most (but not all) desktop scanners these days are capable of capturing photos, videos, and even fax and email documents to others. The O King S200 portable scanner lets you do all these things in a sleek and compact manner. [$129]

Wireless Book Scanner by IRIScan. This great wireless book scanner is perfect for scanning books, magazines and newspapers. All your files scan directly into PDF or JPG format. Moreover, it’s really light, portable, and is battery-powered. [$129]

Pen Sized Scanner. The scanner has a high-precision auto-focus lens and a 5-megapixel sensor built-in. It can scan images at 2048 x 1536 pixels. The pen’s 1GB flash memory card can store nearly 1,000 photos, and you can record conversations as well as write with it at the turn of a dial. [$145]

Doxie Go Portable Scanner. This Doxie device lets you scan documents, photos, magazines, newspapers – at home, at the office, and even on the go. With this portable, easy to use, and USB-powered scanner, you can scan the document you need and transfer it directly to Dropbox, Evernote, Flickr, and other cloud apps. [$199]

The Point and Click Dictionary Scanner. This is a pocket-sized scanner that instantly looks up and displays word definitions. Its integrated flip-up camera scans any word with the touch of a button, and definitions are immediately displayed on its LCD screen. The scanner even has a built-in speaker too. [$279.95]

The Pocket Sized Scanner. Pocket Sized Scanner is the easiest way to scan magazines, documents, newspapers, and books. It’s ergonomic, small, and perfect for a quick scan. It’s equally useful for both businessmen and students. [$44.95]

Quicktionary 2 Mobile Translator. It can scan and store a huge amount of text and can translate any line of text word-by-word. It’s an ideal tool for anyone who needs multilingual support such as students, travelers, researchers and business people. [$195]

Structure Sensor 3D Scanner. This is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices and was first presented last year by Occipital as a Kickstarter project. This iPad-mounted scanner is capable of figuring out the distance between you and an object. From there, you can do things like turn an object into a 3D model or even measure the size of a room. It is available for pre-order and will be delivered in late spring. [$349]

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