10 Tutorials To Take MySQL Database Backup

Here, we are presenting a nice and useful collection of some tutorials on taking MySQL database backup. Among the open source database management system, MySQL is one of the best and most widely used system that developers se for developing interactive websites. With these tutorials, we help you in learning how you can take backup of MySQL database. Taking regular backups of your database is very crucial as you can recover it in case of loss.

Come and Check out these cool tutorials and make learning experience more pleasant! Do have a look at these tutorials and do not forget to share your comments with us.

How To Backup MySQL Databases on an Ubuntu VPS

Backups are important with any kind of data, and this is especially relevant when talking about databases. MySQL can be backed up in a few different ways that we will discuss in this article.

How To Backup MySQL Databases on an Ubuntu VPS

MySQL restore

In this tutorial we will learn how to restore a MySQL database from a backup.

MySQL Restore - How To Restore a MySQL Database From a Backup

How To Create MySQL Database Dump

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a MySQL database dump/backup file.

Automatic Backup of Your MySQL Database Table With PHP

This script will send an e-mail to you with an .sql file attached, thus enabling you to back up specific tables easily.

Using PHP to Backup MySQL Databases

Backup Your Database into an XML File Using PHP

Backing up data is extremely important. Most of the time the database is the most important piece of the puzzle. Imagine losing all of the data in your database.

Backup MySQL Databases, Web server Files to a FTP Server Automatically

This is a simple backup solution for people who run their own web server and MySQL database server on a dedicated or VPS server.

How To Backup MySQL Database Automatically (for Linux users)

If you are a serious webmaster and have your own server, you should take special care of your data. If you are a BSP (Blog Service Provider) or have a large forum, you need backup the database every day. But it is a boring work indeed. Why not to let the computer do the dirty work? Cron can help you.

Ubuntu Linux Backup MySQL Server Shell Script

How To Backup MySQL Database Without PhpMyAdmin

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