15 Apps To Download (Free) iPhone Alert Tones & Ringtones

Every iPhone has the exact same ‘ding ding‘ as yours, what does a guy have to do to stand out of the crowd in this place? The good news, you’re able to add your own ringtones to your iPhone. In this article, you will pick up how to add ringtones to your iPhone through iTunes.

We’ll also give you some free apps to preview and download ringtones from to use on your iPhone. However, do note that these apps (or any other app) won’t allow you to use the ringtone immediately after you download, you will still have to use iTunes to sync it to your iPhone.

Adding Ringtones To Your iPhone

To begin, you’ll need to have iTunes downloaded and updated to the latest version. Next, connect your iPhone to your desktop computer. Your ringtone file should be in the format of M4R with a duration of less than 30 seconds.

Drag your M4R ringtone file from your desktop into your iTunes library.

Add Ringtone To iTunes

When you click on Tones, you will be able to see the tone you just added to your iTunes library.

iTunes Tones

Now just click on that ringtone file and drag it into your iPhone.

Add Ringtone To iPhone

Once the file is synced, go to your iPhone Settings > Sounds and you’ll be able to use the tone for your Ringtone, SMS Tone, etc.

iPhone Ringtone Settings

15 iPhone Ringtone Apps

If you want to use a ringtone that is downloaded from an app, here’s what you can do. Some apps might have file sharing where you can connect your iPhone to your desktop computer to see the tones that you have downloaded with iTunes.

Click on your iPhone, and then on Apps on the top menu bar. Search for the app and then transfer your downloaded ringtone to your computer, before syncing it with iTunes.

iTunes File Sharing

To be able to use the ringtones from the following apps, you might need to email the ringtone to yourself, where you then sync the file with iTunes and your iPhone using the steps above. Get your new ringtone from the following apps.


For a very wide selection of tones and sounds, this app conveniently categorizes its sounds where you can preview each sound before downloading.


1,001 Ringtones Lite

This simple app allows you to browse through their selection of sounds and tones where you can then easily download it and sync it into your phone with iTunes.

1,001 Ringtones


This app offers more beats and sounds for you to browse through.


Ringtones 700,000+

We’re not sure if this app really has more than 700,000 sounds, but it sure has a lot to offer with its many categories and sounds within each category.

Ringtones 700,000+

Myxer Ringtones

This app has a wide selection of random artists and their songs which you can use as your ringtone. It also allows you to use songs from your iPhone and turn it into ringtones.



This app has a selection of songs from popular artists. The songs are slightly altered, making it sound like someone else was singing it. However, still close enough to the original.


Ringtone Designer

With this app, you can use songs from your iPhone to create ringtones. You do so by selecting a song, then cutting out a section of it. They then export it and allow you to use it as your ringtone.

Ringtone Designer

Free Alert Tones

This app has a wide selection of random alert tones which can be used as sounds when receiving new emails, tweets, etc. The selection is numbered and has no names so you’ll have to preview them one by one.

Alert Tones

101 Free Alerts

Similar to the above app, this app has a wide selection but no titles to what the sound is. This means you’ll have to preview them one by one to find an alert tone that you like.

101 Alerts

Gun and Explosion Ringtones

If you ever wanted your iPhone sounding like a weapon of mass descruction, you now can with this wide selection of guns and explosions as your alert or ringtones.

Guns and Explosion Ringtones

Top Funny Ringtones

This app has a selection of funny (or annoying) sounds that will definitely make your notifications stand out from the rest.

Top Funny Ringtones

Scary Ringtones

For a more creepy feel, these ringtones might be able to give someone a scare. Some of the ringtones here consists of spooky noises, screams and voices.

Scary Ringtones

Free Text Tones

More random tones and sounds for you to browse through.

Text Tones

Text Tones – 500 Special Sounds For Text Messages

This app has a few common jingles and tunes that most people will recognize. With a wide selection of that, you’re bound to find something interesting.

500 Special Sounds

Free Ringtone by GoodTimes

This app has ringtones that try to mimic sounds of other smartphones in the market.

Free Ringtone

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