15 Creative Parents and Children Photos That Truly Inspire

Children grow into adults in just a matter of years. That’s why some parents are so dedicated to documenting their memories with their kids in the most impressive ways possible, while subjecting them to some creative experiments, of course!

creative parent
(Image Source: Dave Engledow)

In this post, we’ve put together a thrilling collection of 16 photos captured or manipulated by parents, who also appear to be creatives who love to make their children do magical things. Have fun browsing but since some photos look too surreal, this warning has to be given beforehand – don’t try these at home!

Hoppy Father’s Day. Life’s not easy, even during Father’s day for Jason Lee, who holds the professional skills to capture the brightest moment of his daughter’s smile! (Image Source: Kristin and Kayla)

hoppy father's day

Ready for Liftoff! The big sister just went a little overboard this time, but the other one looks excited about the journey. (Image Source: Kristin and Kayla)

ready for lift off

Angry Birds. Here’s what Angry Birds looks like in human form. Not really angry, but cute! (Image Source: Kristin and Kayla)

angry birds

Summer Has Officially Started. The best thing about having a photographer father – he documents your life in an epic way. (Image Source: Kristin and Kayla)

summer has officially started

Father’s Day Breakfast. With superior manipulation skills, Dave Engledow turned his daughter into a cooking genius, and made his Father’s day celebration the most enjoyable one. (Image Source: Dave Engledow)

father's day breakfast

Over the Top. No game is better than arm-wrestling to improve this father-daughter relationship. (Image Source: Dave Engledow)

over the top

Home X-Ray. The best dad cares about his daughter, head to toe, skin to bone. But how exactly did she swallow the mug? (Image Source: Dave Engledow)

home x-ray

Bubbalien. Just with cardboard and household tools, Leon and Lilly are able to shoot dramatic movie scences inspired from classic blockbusters. The baby is too young to be feared, though. (Image Source: Cardboard BOX OFFICE)


Goo-goo Gaa-gaa-rassic Park. Love the mom’s facial expression and the parents are really serious about shooting the movie. Now rescue them, baby adventurer! (Image Source: Cardboard BOX OFFICE)

goo-goo gaa-gaa-rassic park

Papa La Vista, Baby. This Terminator movie turns out to be a little too adorable. (Image Source: Cardboard BOX OFFICE)

papa la vista, baby

Wah Wars. Salute to the effort of keeping weapons and clothing classic, and don’t forget the Teddy Chewbacca at the back! (Image Source: Cardboard BOX OFFICE)

wah wars

Mighty King of Spades. Artist Sioin Queenie Liao loves to play around creatively with her baby while he is asleep, thus resulting in a set of amusing yet fantastic photos like the piece below. (Image Source: Wengenn In Wonderland)

mighty king of spades

Soaring High in Sky. Too awe-inspiring for words! The mother loves to imagine the baby’s journey in wonderland, and decorates the scene accordingly. (Image Source: Wengenn In Wonderland)

soaring high in sky

The Fearless Acrobat. Don’t underestimate this baby, he’s got the guts. (Image Source: Wengenn In Wonderland)

the fearless acrobat

Wengenn’s Symphony No.1. Including this one, all scenes are done with plain clothes, stuffed animals, and common household materials. No photo manipulation is involved. (Image Source: Wengenn In Wonderland)

wengenn's symphony no. 1

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