15 Mobile Billing Systems For E-Commerce

There are over 6 billion mobile phones in use and three-quarters of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone. Many of these mobile phone users shun debit/credit card transactions online for fear of fraud or other security reasons. So if you have an e-commerce business you might want to consider using a mobile or carrier billing system to tap into these potential customers.

Mobile billing systems offer an unprecedented one-stop convenience for online purchases and will give you an edge over your competitors. Check out the following 6 biggest mobile payment systems around to give you an idea of how it can work in your favor.

1. Zong

Owned by eBay, Zong is one of the largest mobile payment systems so far to manage transactions of digital and virtual goods. Some of its most popular merchants include Facebook and Habbo and it has serviced more than 30 million customers around the world. ZONG operates in over 40 countries.

How It Works

As you reach the payment section for your online purchase, look out for that prominently red Zong button, click on it and key in your mobile number. Next, they will send you a secure PIN code to your mobile device and all you need to do is enter that in to approve the transaction. It’s really that simple!

The draw is that you will never have to enter all the card information every time you make a purchase; you simply need your mobile number to process the payment. Zong liaises closely with online security solutions companies such as Verisign, McAfee and TRUSTe to provide secure transactions and detect frauds.

Extra Features

An optional upgrade is also available with Zong+ where you can choose to link your credit or debit card to your mobile number and get free stuff at the same time.


With a global coverage of 66 countries and servicing 240 carrier mobile network operators, BOKU is set to be another huge contender of the most extensive mobile payment systems around. Its partnerships with major online merchants such as Facebook, Disney, EA and Zynga (among others) offer customers a wide range of products and services for mobile billing.

How It Works

Similar to other mobile payment services, BOKU’s two-step authentication process for mobile billing involves entering your mobile number and replying ‘Y’ to a message sent to you by the online merchant to confirm the transaction.

Due to its well-established background in the service, it assures customers of bank-grade protection and has reliable customer support to provide assistance where necessary.

Extra Features

BOKU also has a Offers and Loyalty Platform. There, you can reach millions of mobile subscribers around the world through advanced targeting based on demographics, purchase history, competitor shopping patterns and geo-location.

3. Text2Pay

Text2Pay is available in over 50 countries across the globe. For US merchants, the mobile payment service gives only 30% of the revenue of the transactions to the mobile carrier and leaves you with 70%. This is much more competitive than the 50-50 split in most other mobile carriers.

How It Works

After clicking on the "Pay by Fone" button when you’re ready to make your online payment, you key in your mobile number as per usual. As an added security feature, you will need to key in your ZIP code for Text2Pay to verify if it matches the cell phone number account.

It wil then send you a PIN code to be entered to approve the transaction. Once approved, a reference number is provided as your proof of purchase.

Extra Features

It also allows you to customize the interface of the payment platform for your customers with your preferred design and your own logo. Check out here for other features of the service!

4. ImpulsePay

Capitalizing on Payforit technology for UK micropayment scheme, ImpulsePay supports all UK mobile network operators (T-mobile, Orange, O2, Three and Vodafone) as well as virtual operators like Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Lebara.

How It Works

As it is with mobile payment services, ImpulsePay allow you to charge online purchases to your monthly mobile network bill by your mobile text messages.

For UK consumers, this mobile payment service offers two purchase options for your customers, the typical send-a-PIN-code service where customers enter their mobile number or by texting a message to a given number instead to complete the transaction.

It does not require any prior registration on the part of the customers and the service can be used by a wider range of industries (e.g. gambling sites) compared to other mobile payment services.

Extra Feature

When browsing on a mobile data connection, ImpulsePay can automatically detect the mobile number and let them click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Such seamless transactions provide an unmatchable convenience for customers and encourage them to make future purchases on your website.

5. Fortumo

It gets better with Fortumo, where its mobile payment service is available in 73 countries and supporting more than 250 mobile operators.

How It Works

Fortumo’s selling point is its ability to be incorporated into any mobile app and have the transaction made without having customers leaving the app (i.e. 1-click checkout). This means that whether you are accessing your browser on your PC or through your mobile, or that you’re in some app on your phone, you’ll be able to make instantaneous purchases without the need to sign up for an account.

Extra Feature

Fortumo promises a quick 30-min integration with your site or mobile app, along with the guarantee of overnight activation of your payment service. There’re also no setup fees or monthly fees for the set-up, only a percentage from each successful transaction goes to Fortumo. Be wary of the payout cycle which differs from one country to the next.

6. JunglePay

JunglePay is the ultimate all-in-one online billing solution for consumers and merchants alike. In terms of mobile payment service, its SMS billing extends to over 80 countries worldwide. JunglePay also supports various platforms ranging from web, mobile to in-app purchases.

How It Works

JunglePay can be said to be more merchant-friendly than most other competitors. Its strength lies with the range of options for payment (be it mobile, phone or credit card). To pay by SMS, the buyer need only send a text message to confirm payment then enter the sent password into its widget. Payment can also be made via landline, just call the number on the widget and the payment will be charged to the line when you hang up.

Extra Feature

JunglePay has customizable interface, excellent customer service support and an extensive mobile payments API to personalize your billing platform.

Other Mobile Payment Systems

Now that you have a better idea of mobile payment services and the benefits they can offer to you as an online consumer or merchant, here are 9 other such services available online:

7. Onebip

Coverage: Over 60 countries
Usage Mode: SMS, WAP & Mobile Internet
Selling Point: Registration is required but this also means that you need not key in anything during purchases – just login to your account. By registering, you can also manage your account from any PC or mobile device, see your transaction history, and add mobile numbers for future transactions.

8. Mach

Coverage: 54 Countries
Usage Mode: In-app
Selling Point: Authentication and authorization of mobile billing takes place within the app via 1-click checkout. Mach’s Direct Operator Billing (DOB) solution provides online merchants built-in financial reporting and analytical tools to track sales traffic.

9. Surfpin

Coverage: Over 40 countries
Usage Mode: SMS
Selling Point: The interface for the mobile payment system can be customized to suit the needs of online merchants. There are also HTML5 mobile-optimized checkout and Android in-app payment system.

10. Netsize

Coverage: 29 countries
Usage Mode: SMS, MMS & WAP
Selling Point: Robust customer support for online merchants, 24/7 availability and formalized processes for incident response and resolution. Netsize is up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations across different countries and provides strong End User Support services.

11. Mopay

Coverage: More than 80 countries
Usage Mode: SMS
Selling Point: Mopay allows customers to log into their online customer portal to check their purchase history, manage subscriptions, vouchers, etc without any prior registration. All you need is your mobile number for them to send you a SMS with a pin code before you login with it.

12. Allopass

Coverage: Over 80 countries
Usage Mode: SMS
Selling Point: Easy setup process, intuitive dashboard for online merchants to adjust pricing for individual countries and products, and to generate comprehensive sales reports for analyses.

13. boxPAY

Coverage: More than 70 countries
Usage Mode: SMS
Selling Point: Mobile billing service is supported in various platforms ranging from widgets, browsers, tablets, mobile phones to even smart TVs. boxPAY also affords online merchants with enhanced customizability through HTML, CSS and API.

14. Bango

Coverage: Over 50 countries
Usage Mode: SMS and In-app
Selling Point: Bango’s customers include Facebook, Google Play, EA Mobile, Blackberry App World and Windows Phone.

15. SMS-Online

Coverage: Over 70 countries
Usage Mode: SMS
Selling Point: Offers an optional ‘SMS-Lock’ for online merchants who wish to restrict the granting of access to only premium users, such that access rights can be customized for certain services on their website.

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