15 Useful Source Code Editors for Mac

Programming is an integral part of developing software, websites or even an individual webpage. There are many complicated programming language like java, HTML and others that all the developers are well acquainted with and they need to use specific codes of these languages to get the end result like the various applications, menus and all other features. However, to make this daunting task easier the programmers have the option of using Source Code Editors with the assistance of which their job will get simplified.

Though the process of editing can be conducted through any simple code language editors but this process becomes much easier with the use of the source code editors which are compatible with Mac. These applications have features that make the process of coding the programming, running the same and debugging it much faster and uncomplicated. With the help of the source code editors it will be possible for the developers to highlight the syntax, easily develop programs for integrating the plugins, develop an pre installed FTP management program and completing the whole process automatically.

For the assistance of the developers we have enlisted some of the best Mac OS X source code developers with the help of which it will be possible for all the Mac users to develop their websites really easily. These are fifteen of the best Mac compatible source code developers available at present with the help of which it will be possible to integrate useful features like spelling checker, use of many languages and other features which makes webpage editing much simpler.

1. Taco HTML Edit

As an HTML editor, Taco HTML Edit empowers its users to rapidly create their own websites. It is designed exclusively for Mac OS X and has many advanced features including spell checking, live browser previewing, PHP previewing, syntax checking, and much more.


2. Espresso

Espresso turbo-charges your workflow with the perfect blend of features. Speed through day-to-day edits with extensive language support, contextual completions, powerful smart snippets, and Zen actions.


3. SubEthaEdit

SubEthaEdit is a powerful and lean text editor. And it’s the only collaborative one that is a joy to use. By combining the ease of Bonjour with the world’s best text collaboration engine, it makes working together not only possible but even fun.


4. Page spinner

Page Spinner is an easy-to-use, web page editor for Mac OS supporting HTML, XHTML, PHP, SSI, CSS and a built-in JavaScript generator.


5. Aptana Studio

The professional, open source development tool for the open web It’s ready. It’s time. Develop and test your entire web application using a single environment. With support for the latest browser technology specs such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python.


6. EmEditor

EmEditor Professional is the perfect tool for turning your ideas and programming into finished documents with speed and efficiency. EmEditor supports Unicode (UTF-16, UTF-8 and UTF-7) as well as many international encodings. The multi-encoding and language features of EmEditor give you access to the versatility you need.


7. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is a code-centric IDE focused on developer productivity. The editor deeply understands your code and knows its way around the codebase, makes great suggestions right when you need them, and is always ready to help you shape your code.


8. Edit Rocket

The Edit Rocket text editor and source code editor includes many tools for searching, navigating, editing, and manipulating text. Listed below are some of these features.


9. Geany

Geany is a text editor using the GTK2 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages. It supports many filetypes and has some nice features.


10. Crimson Editor


11. Smultron

With Smultron 5 for Mac OS X you can quickly and easily write and edit text. It is designed with an elegant user interface to be easy and intuitive to get started with but it is also has more powerful features when you need them.


12. Arachnophilia


13. Bluefish

Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web developers, with many options to write websites, scripts and programming code. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages.


14. Coffee Cup HTML Editor


15. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is a fast, smart, free and open-source code editor. Switching your trusty code editor is hard, but give Komodo Edit (or its big brother Komodo IDE) a try: it’ll be worth your while.


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