15 Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Get Under $25

Stuck thinking of the best gift to give for Valentine’s Day? The usual choices include flower bouquets, chocolate or jewellery, sometimes an expensive dinner at a high-end restaurant or a "labor-of-love" homecooked dinner. Any and all of them can easily set you back a couple of hundred of dollars.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Everyone tries their best to make Valentine’s day fantastic and memorable, but there is more than one way to achieve that goal. In this list, you will find 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts you can get under the $25 mark.

From items to make heart-shaped food, to romantic gestures in the form of mugs, pillow cases, sunglasses, ice cubes etc, you can find some pretty nifty gift ideas here that won’t break your budget. We’ve also added 5 more gift ideas that are over the $25-limit but are still great ideas for a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Let us know if you love them, in the comments section.

Heart Shapers. Make Valentine’s day morning special by cooking festive heart-shaped breakfast pancakes for your sweetheart. [$6]

Mustache Case Cover for iPhone. Two cool iPhone cases for the hipster couple, complete with mustaches. Grab a white one or a black one. [$2.89]

“Dreams Come True” Couples Pendant Necklaces. For him and her, these pendants will serve as reminders that dreams can come true. The couple found each other, didn’t they? [$14.99]

Zooquariums: Heart Shaped Fish Tank. Love is in the air! Let your fish feel the same with this awesome heart-shaped tank. Perfect as a bedside decor as well. [$25]

Red Heart-Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray. This Valentine’s Day, turn everything lovey-dovey, including your ice cubes! [$1.90]

Tiny Message In A Bottle. Looking for an unusual way to be honest about your feelings? This tiny bottle is a romantic method to leave a sweet message for your loved one. [$14]

DIY Photography Bokeh Masters Kit. This DSLR bokeh kit will turn your night photo shoots into a fun game! [$24.95]

Heart Shape USB Flash Drive. This is the perfect gift for a geek, is it not? An 8GB USB flash drive in the shape of a crystal heart that doubles as a necklace. [$7.75]

Love Letter Soap Dish. This “Be mine” soap dish looks like a nice love letter. It will remind your special one about you every time he or she goes to the bathroom. [$16]

Red Heart Sunglasses. Following the red heart theme, these heart-shaped sunglasses is a great spring time gift for a lovely, sassy girl. [$15]

Gold Heart Mug. This elegant white mug with a lovely golden heart on it could be a nice gesture for both him or her. [$9]

Hearts – Aqua, Bright Pink, Purple Wall Decals. Decorate your walls with these awesome wall stickers to put you in the Valentine’s day mood or create a special atmosphere for a quiet date. [$19.99]

Tunes for Two. Want to dance to music only the two of you can hear? Get this heart-shaped tunes for two plugin and dance away to your song. [$10.36]

Valentines Day Cover For iPhone 5. This gift will make your heart melt away. Fantastic red case covers couples with iPhones. [$11.99]

Velvet Heart Optical Mouse. Every computer lover will appreciate this cool red mouse. It’s covered with tender red velvet for a pleasant user experience. [$21.53]

Got A Larger Budget? Try These

Heart Waffle Maker. How about heart-shaped waffles for breakfast? Make your own with this great waffle maker. [$34.37]

Prestige Medical Clear Sound Heart Stethoscope. Here’s a cute twist to a usually boring stethoscope design, perfect for the "love doctors" who mend broken hearts. [$26.04]

‘Reasons I love you’ stones. In this red bag are stones with reasons to love someone etched on them. If words are difficult for you, let the pebbles do the talking for you. [$29.95]

"Catch My Love" His and Hers Coffee Mugs. If you place these two cups together they’ll create a lovely image that tells a story. Make sure to keep these two mugs together. [$29.95]

Pillow Talk Pillowcases. With these pillows your beloved one will know for sure where his/her side of the bed is. No more fighting for space on the bed, especially on Valentine’s day. [$82]


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