16 Stunning Collection Of Free Fabric Textures

Textures are important in the field of graphic designing because they add the feeling of depth and give your design the desired feel or consistency. There are stacks of textures available on the net and one of them is fabric texture. They are created by keeping the quality of fabric in mind and therefore there are fabric textures that resemble to your cloths, linen and any fabric material.

On the whole, you can make your design or website look more visually appealing and lively by just adding some textures to it, and create the mood that you wanted your design or website to demonstrate. Here is the complete list of 16 stunning and free to download fabric textures for you. Enjoy!

Towel Fabric Texture Collection

Cloth Textures – Tileable Kitchen Towel Cloth texture

Blue Texture

Dark Plaid

Fabric Texture



2005 District Conference

Carpet texture

Old carpet

Carpet Texture by Kikariz-Stock

Cloth Textures – Dish cloth texture front

DesignM.ag Fabric Texture – 2

Fabric Texture 2

Fabric Texture

Bufanda a rayas 003

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