18 Free Progress And Loading Bars High Quality PSD’s

Ever wonder why progress bars or loading bars are there for? This is because the website owner or the designer does not want you to stare at the blank screen during the processing period. Therefore, they occupy the blank page with a busy progress bar and when all the data is processed then this progress bar is replaced with the actual data.

Designing engaging and appealing progress bars is not as easy as it sounds. Further, this design component is not common either and you will have a hard time finding out some good resources to design a wow kind of progress bar. But now, no need to worry as we are featuring 18 high quality progress and loading bars PSD files to download for free. Enjoy!

Progress Bars Collection

Clean Progress Bar

Progress and Loading Bar Collection

Stone Progress Bar

Modal Progress Bars

Sexy Time Progress Bar

Pretty Progress Bars

Circular preloaders

Progress Bars

Upload to Cloud

Circular Progress Bar

Pretty Little Progress Bar

Giant Loading Bar

Loading PSD

Progress Bar

Free Progress Bar

Glowing Blue Loading Progress Bar

Status Bar

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