20 Awesome JQuery Effects Plug-ins

JQuery helps you to improve your website in many ways. As a part of JavaScript frameworks, JQuery is constantly updated and you can find a new library based on JQuery almost every day. In this post we present you 20 Awesome JQuery Effects Plug-ins for your reference to improve your website…!!

1. Rotating Billboard System with jQuery

In this tutorial we will use some images, CSS and jQuery to create the effect of a rotating billboard with two ads. The idea is to make one set of image slices disappear while another one (the other ad) appear.


Demo & Download

2. Contextual Slide out

The main idea is to create an easily configurable set of contextual slide outs. Each can be opened in one of four directions – bottom-right (default), bottom-left, top-left and top-right, and each can be in one of three colors – green (default), blue, and red.


Demo & Download

3. JQuery Slider

This is a highly customizable jQuery Slider plug-in. You can set its width, height, pagination and other parameters.


Demo & Download

4. Bubble Navigation with jQuery

In this tutorial we are going to create a bubbly navigation with jQuery. The idea is to have some round navigation icons that release a bubble when hovering over them. We will use the jQuery Easing Plug-in for a even nicer effect.


Demo & Download

5. Circulate

This is a jQuery plug-in, so obviously it relies upon the jQuery library. Specifically, jQuery 1.4 or later, because we are using the .animate functions new ability to have per property easing. This means we can animate the “top” value with one easing function while animating the “left” value with a different easing function.


Demo & Download

6. Craft Map

Craft Map (previous Mobily Map) is a lightweight (6KB only), fully configurable jQuery plug-in that converts a simple image into a functional map by overlaying dynamic elements on it such as markers. Like Google Maps, you can place your own marker icons and add location information to specific markers with a drag gable image interface.


Demo & Download

7. Face book Page Photo Gallery

This Plug-in fetches a Face book Page Photo Album as a JSON object and uses Fancy box to render the gallery in word press. It is specifically for public photos particularly those belonging to a Face book Page.


Demo & Download

8. Disruptive Talk

Disruptive talk phone widget. Use phone to allow your word press users to call a phone number right from your site, for free!


Demo & Download

9. Better Backgrounds

Show a random background image every visitor session (using a cookie), page refresh, or timed slideshow interval. Choose between fixed full screen background, full width scrolling background, or classic non-scaled backgrounds.


Demo & Download

10. Glissejs

Glisse.js is a simple, responsive and fully customizable jQuery photo viewer. You’ll like the transitions between two pictures entirely assumed by CSS3.


Demo & Download

11. Fancy Gallery Lite

Fancy Gallery is a state of the art Word Press Image Gallery Plug-in you can use to create, manage and handle image galleries easily in your Word Press backend and present images to your website visitors.


Demo & Download

12. 3D Sphere Using jQuery

This one can bog down a system in a hurry, but that’s the fun with experimenting with JavaScript.  We will be building a sphere that rotates depending on which way the mouse moves….exciting.


Demo & Download

13. Photo Zoom Out Effect with jQuery

Today we will show you how to create a simple image zoom out effect with jQuery. The idea is show some images which are zoomed in initially and when hovering over an image it gets zoomed out. This effect could be used in photography websites or image galleries.


Demo & Download

14. Revealing Photo Slider

So in my journey to to learn jQuery, I’m trying to learn to do some things that CSS can already do but that jQuery can do “sexier”. Jonathan Snook has an article up “Content Overlay with CSS” in which extra content is revealed in a certain area when it is moused over.


Demo & Download

15. Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS

Designing and coding a sponsors page is part of the developer’s life (at least the lucky developer’s life, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.


Demo & Download

16. Image gallery with fancy transitions effects

I was looking all over the Internet for some jQuery gallery plug-in with some interesting transition effects. I found a lot of great plug-ins but they all have pretty same transition effects. Mostly that was fading and sliding effects. I wanted something different so I decide to made my own slideshow gallery plug-ins for jQuery. That’s how was born jqFancy Transitions.


Demo & Download

17. zoomooz

Zoomooz is a jQuery plug-in for making web page elements zoom. It can be used for making Prezi like slideshows and for zooming to images or other details.


Demo & Download

18. Easy Scroll

This easy scroll application was made to simplify your work and save you time in developing any kind of web template or application, it can be easily inserted in any context and has a wide range of parameters that can make your scrolling unique.


Demo & Download

19. jQuery DJ Hero

By combining CSS3 and jQuery, I created two records that you can start spinning (faster and slower) and even scratching is enabled. In a future version, this could be used together with some real sound (this version has no sound).


Demo & Download

20. Rhinoslider

Rhinoslider is the most flexible jQuery slideshow there is. Be welcome to try it yourself. Not only do we offer a variety of effects, we also allow you to add your own styles, effects and features to the slider.


Demo & Download

Hope this Plug-ins are helpful for you, please don’t forget to comment.

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