20 Awesome Title Animation Tutorials in After Effects

Applications and tools present in the graphic designing platforms are very useful for applying special effects in the title or endnote of projects. The title of a project should be interesting and in sync with the theme of the project. The styling of the title of horror movie should be very different from that of a romantic flick and thus the use of graphic designing tools is imperative.

The designers can learn the techniques for getting different kinds of effects with the aid of the resourceful tutorials available on the internet. In these tutorials step by step demonstration are given for getting different kinds of effects are present. With the aid of these tutorials even the novice designers can learn the techniques and apply it to get the perfect result. The active graphic designing communities are regularly updating new tutorials with the help of which it is possible to get different kinds of alluring effects. The designers can make use of these tutorials to learn new skills and increase their sphere of knowledge.

Here is a list of twenty tutorials which will be helpful for getting different animated title styling. The designers can enrich their knowledge with the help of these tutorials. Screenshots of the after effects of using these tutorials have been posted in this write up. This will be of great help for the designers as they will get to see a visual representation of the effects before using it. Make the best use of these tutorials to design alluring title for your next project.

1. Sketchy Stop-Motion Text Look


2. Elegantly Handwritten Text Reveal


3. Cinematic Opening Title


4. Cinematic Opening Title Redux


5. Electric Type Reveal


6. 3D Motion and Position of Text Characters


7. Creating a Text to Sand Transition


8. Custom 3D Wall Text Reveal


9. Extruded 3D with After Effects


10. Flaming Chrome Text in After Effects


11. Text 3D in After Effects


12. Flashlight Titles


13. Forging Fire After Effects Tutorial


14. Metallic Text with After Effects


15. Movie Title Series Pirates of the Caribbean


16. Rhythmic Motion Typography


17. Sci-Fi Movie Title Sequence


18. The Expendables


19. Working With the Scribble Effect


20. Animated Handwriting in After Effects


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