20 Brewing Coffee-Themed Logo Designs

I can hardly imagine my mornings without a cup of flavorful, tasty cup of coffee. I bet coffee is also a part of many people’s morning routines – for some, it could even be indispensable for getting themselves up and ready for the day.

If you have seen a showcase we featured previously on coffee cup designs, you would probably agree that having an attractively designed cup is a great way to add to one’s experience of savoring their favorite java. And a good coffee cup design would usually come with an appealing logo as well.

So today we would like to share with you 20 examples of cool coffee logo designs. If you’re a designer, coffeehouse owner, or simply a coffee lover, we hope these cool designs would give you some ideas for coffee branding.

50/50 Coffee by Szende Brassai

Zanetti Nadali Caffè by Elsa Benoldi

River City by Jerron Ames

Lovely Coffee by MariannaY

Gentlemen’s Coffee by Leseed

Groucho Coffee by MattHall

Coffee Time Gaming by Anupam Rekha

Coffeewriting by DrumFun

Coffee and Sweets by dalia

Downtown Coffee & Eatery Branding Case Study by Marshall Taylor

Coffee Night by Andrea Zeman

Don Cafeone by Dalius Stuoka

Third Concept 2 by Sean Ball

Skyppuccino by Marek Mundok

Love Break Cafe by Dalius Stuoka

Coffeesir by TriangleWrap

Aquarium Cafe by Semen Rozhkov

Phil’s Frap Logo by Randy Heil

AllyMcBeans by Simona Munteanu

Coffez by Balazs Szabo


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