20 Cool Transparent Screen Trick Photos On Mobile Devices

The "transparent screen" is an optical illusion where the screen of your phone or notebook looks as if it is see-through. This trick can be done with any device with a screen, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on. The trick itself is quite easy to implement, and depending on your imagination, the results can be rather mind-boggling.

You just need to take a picture of a background – it could be your keyboard, your hand, your face – then apply this as a wallpaper or background to your device.

Then, it takes some strategic placement of the phone on the actual surface of the background picture you just used, a little adjustment to the size of the photos (you may need to do a little bit of zooming) to complete the illusion and voilà! Magic!

Transparent Screen by Zimer Iljazi

Transparent Screen Trick by neotone

Instagram 362/365 by Bill Selak

Transparent Phone Version 2 by guardianangelz

Transparent Screen by Marco Mariano

Transparent iPod by Owen Billcliffe

iPad Trap by Alex Mutley

Transparent by Carmen Rodriguez

Piano & iPhone by Khantipol

Transparent Screen Gog by Ricardo Jaeger

Day 050 (Y2) by CrazyBee

The Odhnerds – My Family’s Christmas Card Photo by Lukas Odhner

321/365 Random by AJ Brustein

X/365. This Isn’t Going in My 365 by Anant Nath Sharma

11/12/2013. Transparent! by peddhapati

Transparent Screens by atrophic shiner

iPad Window by Caleb Boyles

iPhone5 by Sam

Transparent 2 by RomyrMariano

Invisible iPod by Tim Snell


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