20 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy [PHOTOS]

With so many hilarious and adorable pregnancy announcement photos floating around Facebook and Pinterest these days, it could be a challenge to create something new when it comes time to spread the news that you’ve got "a little bun in the oven”.

Traditionalists might prefer to send postcards via mail to share a big news with friends, but dynamic and outstanding photos that tells a story is something more unique and personal. From little cups to a ‘loading’ bar, creative pregnancy announcement photos lets you show off your personality as well, whether in a funny or cute manner. Here are 30 creative ways to announce your pregnancy to your relatives and friends from really inventive future parents.

Rider-Pregnancy Announcement by Three Bee’s Photography. This small and sweet red carriage is a symbol that a baby is coming soon.

Lindsay + Bryan by Briana Wollman. He’s trying to play it cool but who isn’t excited to be a "big brother"? Looks like a boy for this expecting couple.

Baby Announcement by Prefolds Love. Of course, the child still has not grown enough in the mom’s abdomen to wear these cute diapers, but he or she would definitely do so soon enough!

Our Big News by Max & Me. A comic panel to spread the news? That’s a pretty cool way to make the announcement, especially with a very cute main character (no, sweetie, it’s in your mommy’s tummy, not yours).

More Laundry Expected by Bonnie Hectorne Photography. With the advent of a child the amount of washing is clearly about to increase!

Coming Soon – Baby by Agustina Iriarte. A sweet and classic postcard design announcing the arrival of the stork and little Catalina.

Julia & Tab by Katherina Markush. These future parents are definitely ‘children of the digital age’, as they wait for their baby to finish ‘loading’! One more creative idea to be considered.

The Mugs by Stir Up. The idea with cups is similar to the one with shoes or pumpkins. A cute little cup with "Baby” on it is a hint too big to miss.

Trouble by Elizabeth Davis Daigle. This poor mom keeps getting into trouble but instead of being worried about it, looks like the whole family is downright excited! Admit it, you smiled looking at this announcement.

The Lord Has Dealt Bountifully With Me by Becoming Mrs.G. It’s a toned down, almost romantic, version of announcing the next biggest change in these couple’s lives.

An Announcement..That Probably Won’t Surprise You by Amy J.. A large family gets larger, Coming soon to a creative postcard near you.

We’re Expanding! … Again! by Rachel Fesko. This one features a combination of flip-flops and sweet chalk with past years of birth and upcoming ones.

Our Mini Surprise by A Bit Of Pop. Look at that cute tricycle right at the back. Simply adorable!

Pregnancy Announcement by Life As A Thrifter. I just love the excitement on this little girl’s face in knowing she’s about to become a big sister!

Little Secret to Share by PB&J Stories. Not all expiration dates mark endings in a bad way.

A Welcomed Arrival by Bird & Banner. A sweet paper airplane withthe future baby’s name. When you unfold it, you get to find out when the baby arrived.

Surprise Announcement by The Mandate Press. This is a creative idea with 3D glasses. Encrypted message is available only for those who put these glasses on.

Our Family Pictures by Under The Sycamore. Along with the children’s cute poses, the white air balloons and little chairs standing right on the field is an incredibly sweet touch.

A Proud Older Brother by US-ology. This small cute boy may not complete understand what he is holding up, but his parents have everything covered anyways.

Big Changes by A. O’Brien. Two small strips can take down a full grown man.

Do you have any other ideas for creative pregnancy announcement photos? How did you or will you share the news? Welcome to the comment section below to join the conversation!

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