20 Minimalistic Clocks And Calendar Widgets For Android

Widgets are an iconic feature of the Android operating system. They can be use to dress up your stock Android device home screen turning your device unique and personalized for your use. Not only are they functional, most of the widgets you can find nowadays look pretty awesome. Whether you know about this or not, chances are the widget-selection process is going to take some time. That’s why we are here to help.

Onca Clock Widget

Starting with clocks and calendar widgets, we are going to run by you beautiful and practical widgets that should find a home in your homescreen. In this list, we are featuring 20 minimalistic clocks and calendar widgets to start off your modding experience.

Pretty Binary Clock Widget. This is your homescreen clock widget in binary format. Good luck figuring this one out. [Free]

Pretty Binary Clock Widget

Lines Clock. A Custom clock for your lockscreen that runs through UCCW, customize each of the elements as you see fit. [Free]

Lines Clock

BobClockD3. We’re not kidding when we say minimalistic. This clock widget gives you a clean sylish look at the hours and minutes of the day. [Free]


ClockQ – Digital Clock Widget. This clock widget gives you a large list of options to enable and edit, options like the stroke mode, to display shadows, widget opacity, colors, which app to open upon tap, and plenty more. [Free]

ClockQ - Digital Clock Widget

DashClock Widget. This one is a dashclock widget (i.e. for lockscreen) which has an extension feature (download the extras you need) that allows more information to be displayed in the widget. [Free]

DashClock Widget

D-Clock Widget. A minimalistic clock widget that comes with a simple reflection underneath it. [Free]

D-Clock Widget

Advanced Clock Widget. A nice replacement for your home screen clock widget with great customization options and easy to use interface. [Free]

Advanced Clock Widget

TypoClock. Show time and date in block format, plus the option to use built-in fonts or system fonts for its widget. [$1.27]


Minimal Date & Time. This one comes with a clock widget and a weather widget separately. You need the UCCW app to use this one but the good news is, you can then customize the widget to its very core. [Free]

Minimal Date & Time

Simple Calendar Widget. Minimal and clean, yet rich with features such as calendar options, tasks, skin. appearance and backup. Just the way it should be. [Free]

Simple Calendar Widget

Minimalistic Text. A fan of minimalism? This widget will allow you to create your world of minimalism through the widget. Perfect for those with a tinkering soul. [Free]

Minimalistic Text

My Alarm Clock. Here’s one you won’t mind replacing your bedside clock with.

My Alarm Clock

Jelly Bean Clock Widget. Comes with a square or circle widget and 7 available colors; geen, yellow, pink, red, blue, black and white. [Free]

Jelly Bean Clock Widget

Onca Clock Widget. Here’s a brief walkthrough: the number (i.e. 12) indicates the hour, while the shaded portion of the ring serves as the minute (i.e. 50 minutes) and the blue dot marks the seconds.

Onca Clock Widget

MIUI Analog Clock Widget. You want a little taste of MIUI ROMs widget? Try this one. [Free]

MIUI Analog Clock Widget

Neon Clock Widget. A clock widget that displays the date, the day and battery levels with 7 different color themes to choose from. [Free]

Neon Clock Widget

Awesome Clock Widget. Here you will get a collection of 7 elegant and stylish clock designs as your home screen widget. [$0.99]

Awesome Clock Widget

Pure Calendar Widget. A thorough calendar widget with customizations that you actually need, such as scrollable widget, show tasks from third-party apps, multiple skins, complex agenda and (of course) it syncs perfectly with Google calendar. [$1.91]

Pure Calendar Widget

MIUI Evolution Reload Clock. A simple MIUI style clock app , with 8 colourful and beautiful skin-ready calendar widgets. [Free]

MIUI Evolution Reload Clock

mClock. A similar app to UCCW, full with customization options from the go, and for more, you can load themes by other users through XML templates. [Free]



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