20 More Tumblr Tips, Tricks & Tools

Tumblr, the magical place where all fandoms reside. It is still as popular as ever for those who share and browse for their favourite things. However, like all social media sites, it goes through changes. The visual microblogging site has recently upgraded its interface and API for a better blogging experience, as of January 2014.


It’s still the Tumblr that you know and love but you may be a bit confused about certain functions. Don’t worry though as we’ve come up with this handy post to help you along once again. Below, you’ll find out how to rearrange queued posts, view archives with ease and there are even cool extensions like Tumblr Chat that will enable you to (finally) have a proper conversation with your Tumblr crush.

Tips & Tricks

View Search The Old Fashioned Way

This is one of the things that Tumblr had revamped. The new search bar allows you to search for multiple tags at the same time. While that is definitely an improvement, some do not like the new layout displaying the search results. If you want to view it in with the old layout, replace /search with /tagged in the URL.


Share A Preview Of A Draft

Normally a draft stays a draft for the reason, but sometimes, you may want to show your followers that you’re still working on something. First, save your post as draft. Access your drafts and click on the upper right corner of the post. A tab of your blog post in your blog template appears. Copy the URL and share it. The URL is temporary and once you publish the draft, the URL will disappear. It’s also a way to preview your drafts.


Rearrange Queued Posts

You have set your posts in queue to be up at a certain time. However, you want to change the publishing order of certain posts. You can do that at your queue page. Hover over the Sort button – the middle button on the right bottom corner – and drag the post for rearrangement. If you want the post to be published first, click on the Move to top button on the far right corner.


Find Out What Your Friends Like

Some blogs have a “Things I Liked” section which shows posts that users have liked. Most don’t as they did not enable the setting. If you would like to see what posts your friend have liked on their blog, type in this URL: http://ift.tt/Uw7uwK]. Take note that this only works for public Tumblrs.


Search For Posts On Blogs Without Search Bar

You may have come across a post from a user that you like. You then visit the user’s Tumblr to search for similar posts but the Tumblr does not have a search bar. You can still do so by using this URL: http://[username].tumblr.com/search/[search term].


View Tagged Posts From Earliest To Latest

The nature of blog posts is to display the most recent post first followed by later posts. There is no setting to display your oldest post first but you can view your tagged posts in chronological order. To do that, add /chrono to the end of a tag URL like this: http://[username].tumblr.com/tagged/[tag name]/chrono.


Search For Posts On A Specific Date

Maybe you would like to find a certain post that you know is published on a certain date. It can be a pain going through the entire blog or tag looking for the post. You can actually just find out what posts are posted on a specific date. You can do this by typing http://[username].tumblr.com/day/[year]/[month]/[day].


View Archives

One of the fastest ways to browse a blog’s contents is to look through archives. But not all blogs have an archive link. You can still view those blogs’ archives by using this URL: http://[username].tumblr.com/archive. Additionally, if you want to just browse a particular month and year in an archive, use this URL: http://[username].tumblr.com/archive/[year]/[month].


Find All Your Tags

One of the things that Tumblr seemingly doesn’t have is a list of all the tags you have used. But they do. To find all the tags you’ve ever used, first go to your Tumblr dashboard source code. To do that, right-click on your dashboard and select “View page source” from the menu. Next, either Command + F (Mac) or Ctrl + F (Windows) to find Tumblr.USER_TAGS.


Display Individual Author’s Avatar

This is for those who manage a blog with multiple authors. Tumblr’s dashboard will show a blog’s avatar next to a post. With this setting turned on, it will show an author’s avatar along with the blog’s avatar. Go to the gear icon at the top which is next to the log out icon. Scroll to Blog avatar and enable Show author portraits.


Extensions & Tools

Tumblr Savior

Say goodbye to spoilers and avoiding Tumblr until you’ve watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Tumblr Savior allows you to block those posts from your dashboard. This tool is also useful for blocking posts you don’t want to see like triggers or anything that fills you with rage.

[Download Extension]


Tumblr Hate

Tumblr Hate is a very specific tool. It blocks a particular post that you have no intention of ever seeing again because you hate it with a passion. Tumblr Hate will block it even if it gets reblogged by other users, and even if it gets reblogged two years later. Take note though that it doesn’t work if you have Tumblr Savior.

[Download Extension]



Sometimes, tags get cut off on a post. Especially those long tags that double up as a commentary. You also want to see the rest of the tags that come with it but they are hidden. Although Tumblr may have its scrolling tag feature to view tags, you may find it annoying. #wrap solves all that by wrapping the tags to fit in the post.

[Download Extension]


Archive Poster

This one is for those who like browsing others’ archive pages. Archive Poster allows you to reblog, queue, draft and like posts from the archive. It saves you the time you take to open the post in a separate tab.

[Download Extension]


Tumblr Chat

Tumblr users rejoice! You can now chat on Tumblr with Tumblr Chat. Let’s face it, the Message function and Fanmail function just don’t allow us to properly chat on Tumblr. With the Tumblr Chat extension, users can chat with one another on the same Tumblr page. Some of the tool’s features are sharing photos and videos, live streaming with webcam and creating private chat rooms.

[Download Extension]



If you prefer to chat from your dashboard though, you can check out babblr. This extension gives you a chat function somewhat similar to Facebook chat. You invite a friend who has a babblr account to chat through their username and email. It even lets you create chat groups to talk to multiple persons at a time.

[Visit Website]

Google Analytics

This is one of the best and free ways to to track your Tumblr. Google Analytics allows you to track your Tumblr stats, like who’s visiting your site and how many are viewing it. Do check if your theme allows you to paste a Google Analytics ID in the settings. If it doesn’t, follow the instructions here.

[Visit Website]



Some people use Tumblr to display their creative works to get feedback. However, not everyone has a Tumblr and those who don’t will not be able to comment on your posts. This is where Disqus comes in. The popular commenting feature allows people outside of Tumblr to comment on your post and helps generate discussions.

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Listen To Music You’ve Blogged

Trntbl does a very interesting thing. When you enter your Tumblr username (or any Tumblr username), you can hear all the music you’ve blogged. It is somewhat like a Tumblr playlist. You can even discover new music this way, especially when you enter music Tumblr blogs into the username bar.

[Visit Website]


Check Your Post Limit

What most people don’t realize is that there is a post limit of 250 posts a day on Tumblr. If you would like to know how many posts you have left, you can enter your Tumblr username at Post Limit Checker. You can also enter other Tumblr usernames to find out their blog stats like how many posts they have and what time zone they’re in.

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Are there are any tips or tools that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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