20 Ridiculously Creative Package Designs You Have To See

When you’re at shopping at the supermarket, chances are you’ll probably buy things that you might not neccesarily need. Sometimes, what lures you in is not the product itself, but the way it’s presented to you. Marketers may spend tons of money on advertising campaigns or huge billboards, but nothing works better than clever packaging.

To get the consumers’ attention, the package design must be clever, funny, unusual, and stand out from the crowd to grab your attention. Today I’d like to share 20 really creative and clever package designs that would lose their meaning without the products inside them. From honey that’s made to look like it’s still in the hive to architecture-inspired spaghetti, there’s plenty of creative designs for you to browse through.

Teapee by Sophie Pépin. This is one teepee you’d want to collapse.

Beehive Honey Squares by Lacy Kuhn. My, what a big mouth you have there, Mr.Bear.

Fruit Juice Packaging by Naoto Fukasawa. No more getting your juices mixed up again with this quirky design.

Empire Dogs. Not sure which hot dog is right for you? Let these gentlemen help you out.

WhiteBites by Cecilia Uhr Design. This brings a whole other meaning to the term, “pearly whites.”

Honey – Made by Bees by Maksim Arbuzov. It’s like jenga but with honey!

Poilu by Simon Laliberté. Why shouldn’t your brushes look hip too?

Standard Dress Shirt by Jille Natalino, Elizabeth Kelley, Rob Hurst, Joanna Milewski, Mary Durant. This eliminates the hassle of folding and unfolding shirts. No creases here.

Thelma’s by Saturday MFG. Cookies straight from the oven, yummy!

Creative Japanese Pastry Packaging by Unknown. This is one tasty looking afro.

Water Bottle by Designers Anonymous. Whatever your fancy, you can see em float or sink.

Festina Watches by Scholz ;& Friends. Now we know just how waterproof this watch actually is.

Hanger Tea – Teabags Packaging by Soon Mo Kang. Hangers aren’t just useful for clothes, as we can see here.

3 Dutch Farmers by Sogood. Crunchy tulips anyone?

Flower Garden – packaging for flower by Milena Wlodarczyk. This handy geometric-inspired packaging not only keeps it safe but looks good too.

NYC Spaghetti by Ben Thorpe. Let’s hope that this towering pasta is structurally sound.

Kiss – puree of vegetables and fruits by Alexandra Istratova. So, which kiss is your favorite?

Pink Glasses by Luksemburk. Now where did my glasses go? Ah, they’re right here on the bottle!

Butter! Better! concept by Yeongkeun. No more rummaging around drawers for that butter knife with this little cover.

Antismoke pack by Reynolds and Reyner. This is one way to make a statement and get the point across.

via hongkiat.com http://ift.tt/1lR2SX1