20 Smashing Editorial Design Pieces for Your Inspiration

With so many websites having similar designs and structures nowadays, it’s very important for any web designer to stay creative and unique in order to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t always such an easy task. So how about a different approach to web design? Today, we’d like to bring your attention to editorial design.

As a rule, an editorial design is custom-made and takes into account aspects such as readibility and visual attractiveness. It can be a mix of photos, typography, bold colors, and geometric shapes. Why the focus on print design? Well, because sometimes taking yourself out of the environment you have grown accustomed to can really spruce up the idea generator.

With that in mind, we have put together the following 20 smashing editorial design pieces for your inspiration. Also, if you haven’t already, check out our previous collections of printed brochure designs (Part 1 and Part 2) as well.

B A C K S P O T – Only style matters by Agustina Petrozzino

The Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs

O R I O N / by Flavia Schreiber

Calendar Girl by Matt Chase

GOOD Editorial Illustration by David Schwen

Graphic Design by Sebastien Bisson

Revista 30 Anos Unasp-EC by Felipe Pinheiro

Biombo by Magoz

Filter Magazine, August 2010 by Pleks

Editorial Illustrations 2011-2012 by Charis Tsevis

lg2boutique: Agropur Annual Report by Courtney


Field Magazine by Well Made Studio

Dale Mag by Emilia Molina Carranza

Revista Cuadro “Piel” by Fernando Torres Rojo, javier Dominguez, Stefan Angeles, Mariana González Roldán, and Carolina

STREETMAG Light by Paweł Brzezi&#324ski and Rytm Interactive

Johanne Kolstad by Tatalab, Velour, and Tata&Friends

Daniel Paper – Corporate Publishing by moodley brand identity, Sabine Kernbichler, Marion Luttenberger, and Katrin Scheikl

PS magazine – 13/4 by José Simon

Vague Magazine by Carolina Menezes, Daniel Rocha, and Li LOu

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