25 Beautiful Vintage Photo Effect Tutorials

Photographs are one of the most cherished possessions which help us to revisit the special moments of the past time and again. In the recent times preserving the photographs has become much easier as the whole process has been digitized. Along with storing, the mechanism of editing has also become easier which has enabled the photographer to transform a simple photograph into a really awesome one with the help of some simple applications.

Adobe Photoshop is the by far the best photo editing software that can be used to apply different kinds of vintage effects to any photograph. Many online Photoshop tutorials are available with the help of which you will be able to get different kinds of vintage effects on a particular photograph. This is particularly a blessing for the professional photographers as they do not need to hunt for the perfect filters to get different effects. They can simply transfer a photograph in the Photoshop software and transform it according to their fancy. However, to get the precise effect you also need to have an in-depth knowledge about the different applications and tools of this particular software. If you wish to apply a vintage effect to a recently taken snap, then you need to use the precise tools to get that effect.

1. Apply a simple vintage photo effect

This tutorial will show you how to apply a simple vintage photo effect using Photoshop. We’re going to use image adjustments, adjustment layers and layer styles to apply the vintage effect on a regular photo so that we can keep our work easily editable.


2. Vintage Photo Effect


3. Photo Effect in Photoshop

Cross processing is developing color print with the wrong chemicals. This causes a lot shift in color, which creates a very retro look.


4. Photo Transfer Edge Effect

How to create a cool old photo transfer edge effect using a piece of stock photography, an alpha channel and the burn and dodge tools.


5. Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to create Vintage Photo Effect. This is very simple and quite effective tutorial, so all you need is Adobe Photoshop to create this effect. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial.


6. Vintage Photo Effects Using Adobe Photoshop

How to turn back time and age your photographs/images by decades.


7. Authentic looking vintage

Apply authentic looking vintage effects to photos.


8. Antique and Vintage

How to Make Your Pictures Look Old Antique and Vintage Photoshop Training.


9. Dreamy vintage picture


10. Vintage Photo Effect of city


11. Colorizing A Vintage Photo


12. Curvy Cross Processing in Photoshop CS3

This tutorial describes one of my favorite techniques for ‘spicing’ up a photograph. This method is adapted from the color darkroom of old. In those days, innovative photographers often processed film in a chemical solution intended for another type of film.


13. Craft a Vintage Fifties Letter

How to create a fifties love letter with stamps, bent corner, and a a retro border using the brush engine, rectangle tool, layer styles, blend modes, and several intermediate techniques that are sure to propel you skills to the next level.


14. Old photo vintage effect

This is step by step Photoshop tutorial that teaches you how to create vintage effect for your photo using simple tools, filters, levels and layer style effects by just using the picture editor on your home computer.


15. Create a Vintage Polaroid Effect

In this tutorial you’ll see how to create a stunning vintage Polaroid effect in Photoshop. It’s fairly simple to make and can be used in many different types of projects.


16. Old and Worn Out Photo Effect

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add an old and worn-out effect to a photo in Photoshop with just a few easy steps! This is a pretty simple tutorial but the outcome is great and this tutorial is useful most especially for Photoshop newbies.


17. Photochrom Vintage Postcard

Turn your travel photos into vintage postcards. This effect is based on old photochrom photos, like the one shown in the About Photochroms section of this lesson. This technique works best on colorful photos that have good contrast and lots of detail, especially architectural detail.


18. Vintage wallpaper effect


19. Vintage color action for Photoshop

Another vintage color action for Photoshop. This action can convert a photo like this one.


20. Photoshop vintage effect

A cool scene, bright colors and a double rainbow.


21. Vintage colors effect action for Photoshop


22. Vintage Effect in Under a Minute in Photoshop

How simple it is to create a vintage wash in your images by cross processing your image with Curves in Photoshop. The best part about it, this technique will literally take you less than 1 minute to do manually, and only seconds if you turn it into a Photoshop Action.


23. Vintage Greeting Card


24. Vintage photo effect in Photoshop

convert a modern photo in a vintage one.


25. Vintage Photo Effect photo

Give your photos a soft and memorable feeling. This easy Photoshop tutorial is suitable for beginners and will show you how to use four adjustment layers to create this photo effect.


Here is a list of the twenty five most useful Photoshop tutorials that is particularly meant for getting different kinds of vintage effect on a particular photograph. Master the art of applying different kinds of vintage effect with the help of these tutorials.

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