25 Examples of Digital illustrations

The wise men say that a person should choose his profession to be, if possible, of either a scientist or of an artist. They say other fields do not have much intellectual capabilities. In science and in art there is no limit for the human mind as to how high it can fly. One can discover anything in science provided he is curious and one can create anything in art provided he is innovative. Now obviously the word “art” contains many sub fields. Writing a novel, writing poetry, creating new music, acting and painting all are included in the word art. Let’s concentrate on painting for the time being.

In olden days all paintings were done by hand. Then with the invention of the printing press handmade illustrations began to be published in books in bulk. Today, with the advent of computer technology paintings can be done on your screen without any paints or brushes. I mean “real” paints or brushes. Software’s like Corel Draw and Adobe’s Photoshop have taken the graphic design world by a storm. Fantastic illustrations can be made on your computer screen that can be far better than the real hand made drawings. This is because these software’s enable you to use a plethora of options to create, edit and color your work.

To give you an idea of the power of this technology below I have collected 25 examples of digital illustrations.

1. I Smoke Digital Art

EDI 01

2. Rounded

EDI 02

3. Photo manipulation by David Water

EDI 03

4. Knight Vox

EDI 04

5. Let Dreams Come

EDI 05

6. Air Jordan

EDI 06

7. Harlequin

EDI 07

8. Behind the More

EDI 08

9. Twin Trees Market

EDI 09

10. We Are Nature

EDI 10

11. Black Dream

EDI 11

12. The Sixth Day

EDI 12

13. God Of War

EDI 13

14. Digital World

EDI 14

15. Flowers and Portraits

EDI 15

16. Bob Marley

EDI 16

17. Umbrellas

EDI 17

18. Free

EDI 18

19. The Medusa

EDI 19

20. The Lake

EDI 20

21. Digital Kuroi

EDI 21

22. Illustrations by Brandon Loving

EDI 22

23. The dream in a Puddle

EDI 23

24. The Source

EDI 24

25. Easy Tongue

EDI 25

I hope these illustrations would have inspired you somehow and I hope they will help you design better quality images. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about these images.

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