25 Inspirational Mobile and UI App Designs

In the recent time the number of mobile internet users has increased a lot and thereby the demands of mobile responsive applications have also increased. In the Smartphone diverse variety of applications is available ranging from musical apps, gaming apps, various kinds of health related apps and many other applications. Therefore, the web designers are expected to develop mobile responsive websites with attractive designs.

One of the primary requirements of the mobile responsive website design is that it should be alluring so that a visitor turns into a regular user of the application spontaneously. Another factor that contributes to the same factor is its user friendly interface so that the users will be able to explore the different aspects of the applications with ease and get engaged with it at the same time. These are the two primary requirements that will certainly make an application viral and it loyal users will turn to brand ambassador within no time. Therefore, if your future projects demand you to develop an attractive mobile responsive application, then you should take the initiative to study the designs of the most popular mobile apps carefully to get a better understanding.

1. Gigwalk iPhone app

This design is by Julien Renvoye.


2. Creative


3. App Proposal

This design is by Gaia Zuccaro.


4. iOS Music Player App

This design is by Dmitriy Haraberush.


5. Early Concept

This design is by by Charles Riccardi.


6. Go Places iPhone App

This design is by Eryk Pastwa.


7. iPhone App interface

This design is by Andrianov Oleg


8. iPhone Trivia App

This design is by Jakub Kejha


9. Music Player App

This design is by Emile Rohlandt


10. Scanner App

This design is by Dmitry Myasnikov


11. User Interface Design

This design is by Carlos MBonilla


12. VeryVelly iPhone App

This design is by Dima Kolchan


13. Weather App Design

This design is by Thorsten Beeck


14. Weather App

This design is by Kreativa Studio.


15. Mock Up for Meal Tracker App


16. Billr iPhone App

This design is by Ivy Hu.


17. Remote Start Home

This design is by Meg Robichaud.


18. iOS Weather App

This design is by Roberto Nickson.


19. Fidzup


20. Galeria iPhone App

This design is by Alex Bystrov.


21. Guitar App

This design is by Maria Garkusha.


22. Face Scanner UI

This design is by Dewi Marisa.


23. Iphone UI

This design is by Matthias Mayr.


24. Launch Center Pro UI

This design is by Julien Martin.


25. Worked Out

This design is by Dev Gupta.


For the assistance of the web designers we have listed in this article twenty five of the best Mobile and UI apps after thoroughly searching the internet. The readers can draw valuable inspiration from these sites and incorporate them in their upcoming projects to develop viral mobile apps. These examples are surely going to aid them in the process of their professional development.

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