25 Interesting Infographics For Your Inspiration

We’re suckers for infographics because they are a fun way to feature information. It’s like reading a comic book where the pictures tell the story. Many attribute the success of infographics to its use of colour and graphics, but sometimes it is the information it carries that closes the deal.

Today we are featuring 25 interesting infographics all to do with tech development, design and/or social media. From the technological transfer of mediums from print to digital news and ebooks, viruses and spam, music and clicks, it’s a celebration of the highly digital lives we live and the connection (in bits and bytes) we have with the rest of world. Click on the images for a clearer view.

The Sharing Avalance. This is an infographic about the incredible rise of information being shared through social media and what happens in social media every 60 seconds. – by Voltier Digital & Plastick Media.

Ebooks Explosion. With the rise in use of ebooks through various devices like tablets and eReaders, will this infographic convince you which to get for yourself? There’s only one way to find out.

That’s Old News. How do you get your daily doses of what’s happening in the country and around the world? Are you getting it via your social networks or still on paper? Which do you prefer?

Social Media Stats that May Influence Your PR Strategy. Short and sweet. Did you know that more people own a smartphone than a toothbrush? – by Moore Consulting Group.

What is Pinterest?. Pinterest in a nutshell. For more Pinterest-related materials, click here.

Life of a Byte. What happens behind the scene when an email is sent? Read this infographic to find out.

Threat Morphosis. No list on computer technology would be complete without one about its greatest nemesis: the Virus. Note the clever use of colour to make you sit up and pay attention.

Mobile Learning Report Card. Can mobile devices replace laptops as a means of education, digitizing study matters, and connecting all aspects of studies to lead to a better result? Let’s find out, shall we?

Mobile OS Battle: Android vs iPhone. This is an infographic about the hot battle that is taking place between the two most used mobile operating systems in the world: Android vs iPhone OS – the smackdown!

From Idea to App: The Process of App Development. This infographic shows how an idea is gradually implemented using programming languages and gets converted into an app that we (laymen) use.

Get More Clicks on Twitter. The title is self-explanatory so get clicking and check out how to get more clicks on Twitter!

Twitter Vs Pinterest. In this showdown between Twitter and Pinterest profiles, we get to see how many who trends better on Twitter. #supremacy #showdown

iPhone Downloads: A Timeline Through History. This infographic is about the history of apps downloads in Apple’s iTunes store from when it was launched till now. 0 to 10 billion is pretty hard to beat.

Top Search Engine Ranking Factors. Want to know more about how to rank higher in Google’s search results? This infographic can definitely help.

State of Spam. First viruses, and now spam. Learn how spammers fool people into disclosing sensitive information and don’t be a victim.

Mobile Data Growth and What it Means for You. Everything about mobile and the data transfers that run the mobile phone industry.

Life Cycle of a Webpage in StumbleUpon. This infographic shows that StumbleUpon is a big source of social media traffic, and webpages added to StumbleUpon lasts longer than any other social media sites in the world.

You are Not Safe Online. This is an infographic about how user information are shared anonymously to different companies via the sites we use for our daily activities, and what it can lead to.

Mobile Email Marketing. Mobile marketing: will it take over from just email marketing? Get all the stats before you decide how you want to reach your customers.

A History of Graphic Design. A brief history fo the evolution of graphic design. I’ll let the infographic do all the storytelling.

The SEO Puzzle. This beats reading a book on SEO any day, don’t you agree? – by Created by Vayu media.

Facebook Recruiting. We live in the day and age when even social networks can be used for recruitment purposes. And why not? Our personalities and social presence are established on these social media sites anyways.

A Short History on Hacking. This is an infographic about the history of hacking from past to present, what kinds of hackings have been done all these years and who were the masterminds behind those hacks.

The Evolution of Programming. Even if you can’t relate to the content, you would be able to at least enjoy how each evolving programming language is described in this infographic.

Internet in 2020. This is an infographic about the internet and the ten ways in which it will change by the year 2020.

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