25 Websites with Scrollspy Navigation for Your Inspiration

Today there are seem more websites that apply which so called Scrollspy Navigation. Web navigation traditionally direct visitors from one page to another one. But with the Srollspy Navigation, instead of directing visitors to different pages, it will scroll to each section while still on the same page. The menu based on the scrolling position will be automatically highlighted to show the visitors where they are currently on.

scrollspy navigation

You will probably like to adopt Scrollspy navigation if you have not much information to share, or if you have only one page to share with your readers. So, in this post, I have collected some of the most compelling and creative applications of this type of navigation that I can find. The feature has also been magnified in each example to make it more noticable.

Hopefully, these could inspire you to apply Scrollspy navigation on your own websites in even more creative ways.

Ian James Cox

Grind Spaces

Tag Creative Studio



Make Shift

Level Up

Switch Company

We Heart Designers


Buchholzer Catering

Wild Blue Tech


Rey + Naranjo

My Provence Festival

Browser Awareness Day

Premium Draught

Kinder Fotografie

You Decide

Team Geek

Thilo Tamm

Bond Cars

Christopher Ware

Idea Kites

William Dady



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