30 Double-Spread Magazine Ads That Will Make You Turn The Pages

Magazine ads are considered a more traditional form of advertising and they take up over 30% of conventional magazine space. However, if done right, marketers can make use of their ads to be more focused on a particular target audience by choosing the right magazine to feature it in. This also paves the way for higher reader involvement.

Thinking outside the box definitely helps in creating impactful and effective ad,s and double page spreads leave plenty of room for creativity and innovation. I’ve put together 30 creative examples of double page magazine ads to show you what I mean. Let’s just say you probably wouldn’t mind a magazine filled with ads, if they’re as interesting as these!

DHL: “Turning Page” Print Ad by Shanghai J&j Advertising Co., Ltd. DHL is known for their speedy delivery service. Here, their ad cleverly utilizes a transparent sheet of PVC paper to reflect just how fast their service is, regardless of how you turn the page.

Smuckers: Better Together by Art Director, Elinor Buchler. Just like peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street also complement each other. Smuckers uses recognizable icons like them (among others) to showcase just how well they work, together.

MacBook Pro: Ultra thin by SVA New York, USA. So this is what it feels like to have a Macbook Pro on your lap. Well, it’s not "paper"-thin but considering the power a Macbook Pro packs at only 1-inch thick, it’s definitely thin enough by laptop standards.

Olimpia, La Fabril: Magazine by Maruri Grey Ecuador. When we see a bug flying around, our first reaction is usually to take a magazine and kill it. But seriously, why ruin a good magazine when you can use a floor cleaner that has insect repellent action in it too?

SulAmerica Health Insurance: Torn by MPM Advertising. Oops, did you that tear that dollar bill in two? Don’t worry, it’s just SulAmerica’s way of telling you, they won’t let you do the same with your company’s resources.

Furniture: “Folding Chair” Print Ad by Grey Group Vietnam. How’s this for how small a space you can store away your folding chairs? Pop-up ads put to good use.

Adidas Forever Sport Campaign by Unknown Agency. If only workouts are as easy as flipping the page back and forth. But hey, a girl can dream.

Clinique: “Lashes” Print Ad by WE Marketing Group. Now this is an ad that really gets you up close and personal with what the product can do. Flirty lashes anyone?

Arcor Bubble Gum Ad by Leo Burnett. A fun ad that banks on your childhood need to blow the biggest bubble gum on the land (without breaking it)!

Shikun & Binui Solaria: Sun light by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi. Alright, I admit that this one isn’t a double-spread but the illusion still needs two pages, pretty thin paper, strategic color placement and a little ingenuity to work. "Solar-powered" ads FTW.

EDF: Clap Clap by Euro RSCG C&O. Put your hands, er, pages together to help celebrate the major wins of athletes from the EDF company in European championships, world championships, the Olympics and Paraolympics.

Hawaiian Tropic: Enjoy the sun by Grey. Not only is this an ad for a tanning product, even the magazine wants to get in on the act. A handy tanning tool to bring on the go.

WMF Kitchen Knives Ad by Leo Burnett Bangkok. The ad may be exaggerating but knives that can split food into two identical halves are definitely a chef’s dream tool.

Kotex: Dry leaf by Piyush Pandey. Readers open the pages to discover that there’s a dried leaf in between. How much more absorbent can these products get?

Seat Ibiza Cupra: Wheel by ACW Grey. Take the wheel. Yes, literally.

Depilatory Strips: “EPILDOU” Print Ad by Lg2. Want clean and smooth legs free from hair? If only the deed is as easy as flipping a page. Well, lookie here.

BR Petrobras Oil: Victory by Master Rio de Janeiro. F1 fans would love to wave the checkered flag at the end of an exciting race. This is as close to a reenaciment as you can get. Flip them pages!

Bic Soleil Clic: Hand by Dragster. The right razor can let you get into hard-to-reach spaces with ease. The differences are laid apparent perfectly with use of white on bright orange.

Conto Barriers: Lift by McCann Erickson Prague. Your life can turn in a second, says the ad. And when you do turn the page, a simple icon alteration switches from being on a ski lift, to being on a wheelchair.

McDonald’s: Extra large coffee by DDB. A cheeky ad that uses a lot of white space and four strategically placed coffee stains to illustrate how large coffee at McDonald’s is.

TV6 / I’d do anything for money: Wax by Le Bureau. With the flip of a page, you the reader, just ripped the eyebrows an beard off this guy’s face! Great opener for a show with the title, "’I’d do anything for money".

Revlon: “Roots” Print Ad by Martin/williams. Another product that lets you get to the hard-to-reach places easily, this one lets you get your roots done in a jiffy.

Subaru Forester: “King of the hills” Print Ad by Jwt. King of the hills doesn’t necessarily mean hills of lucious green and great forests. This four-wheel drive can master in sandy hills on the great desert. Way to drive the point home.

The International Labour Organization Ad by AlmapBBDO. A powerful way to leave a powerful message and raise awareness about modern day slavery.

Vicks Nyquil: Boogers by Saatchi & Saatchi X. This ad may require a bit of strength as it’s glued to the other page and as it’s slowly revealed, you’ll understand why. Icky? Kind of. Makes a point? You bet.

Domino’s Pizza: Hole by Ó!, Reykjavik. Pizza so hot it burned through the back of your magazine. Now that’s good pizza delivery.

Sundown Sun Block by DDB Brazil. This sun block ad uses the sun to illustrate just how one can burn without proper protection. Without the right protection, be prepared to turn red (like the guy on the left). Stay protected, love your skin.

Audi: Grip, 2 by BBH London. This is part of a series of Audi ads. In this one, you get a view of the type of grid you get when at the wheel of an Audi. You could be holding the wheel like you’re holding a stress ball, a snowball, a bird’s egg or a sponge, you’d still be in control.

American Apparel: Double page spread by Unknown. So that’s what it looks like when you are in men’s underwear.

Terminix: Roach Chip by Publicis Dallas. Oh, this roach is definitely getting to me. And my food! Better grab some Terminix, just to be safe. Flip that darn page!

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