30 Fresh and Colorful Rainbow Background Examples

William Wordsworth, the great English poet once said:

My heart leaps up when I behold

A rainbow in the sky:

So was it when my life began;

So is it now I am a man;

So be it when I shall grow old,

Or let me die!…

I think most of us will agree with Wordsworth here. We may get mature enough to cease to like things like cartoons or chocolates but a beauty of nature like the rainbow fascinates people of all the different ages. We rarely become bored by such things.

Legend has it that when Newton successfully explained the construction and the mechanism behind the rainbow, artists criticized him of devaluing the rainbow and detaching it of all its beauty. Such artists continue to live today and they keep accusing the modern scientists that through their work they are making nature dull and uninteresting. I think such people are wrong. Let us take the example of the rainbow. Any lay man can appreciate the beauty of the rainbow that it is made up of several beautiful colors arranged in a perfect geometrical shape namely the hemisphere or a bow. But the beauty doesn’t ends there. When a scientist looks at it he sees more beauty, the white sunlight being refracted and split into different colors from the water vapor of the atmosphere, then the rays bend and then striking the eye to produce the wonderful sensation of sight. Anyways this debate between art and science should be left for the masters of the trades to settle.

Below I have collected a group of 30 beautiful rainbow images that can be used as a background to your screen.

1. Double Rainbow Fantasy


2. Rainbow Sky Over Lovers

This is an collection of Melissa.


3. Rainbow Sunset


4. rainbow by sakimichan


5. Rainbow Fantasy

Well this was originally going to be a rainbow flame as you can sort of see in the middle, but then I got to adding things such as lighting and swirls of light and then some fairies so it became more of a fantasy theme.


6. Gummi Art

I came up with this idea to do something different, and it took a while to actually shoot it and then get it ready to post.


7. Rainbow by Estheryu

This is an collection of Estheryu.


8. Plumas de colors

This photo was taken on August 16, 2008 in S. Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, MX.


9. Hope

This Photograph was taken by Talana.


10. Rainbow licks WP


11. Rainbow Islands

Against the warm colored background, two rainbow islands are close but isolated forever. This photo was taken on October 12, 2010.


12. Rainbow Flower


13. Rainbow Feather boa

This photo was taken on November 6, 2011.


14. Rainbow Flowers


15. Rainbow Flair

This is an Collection of Dean Mc Donald.


16. Rainbow Leaves

Maple leaves collected in Algonquin Provincial Park. I love the fall colors.


17. Italian Pride

“Frecce Tricolori”aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Air Force, Ferrara 2008, Italy. This photo was taken on September 27, 2008 using an Olympus Olympus E-300.


18. Rainbow Concepts by jugga


19. Vector Rainbow


20. Spring Colors Explosion

Colorful, spring wallpaper with various elements such as flowers, circles, squares, strips, etc.


21. Rainbow Over The Badlands At Sunset

This is not doctored, it is an authentic duel rainbow over the badlands during sunset with a major storm front moving in.


22. Rainbow Star

A star in the center of abstract rainbow swirls with beams of light shining from it.


23. Rainbow Veins


24. Rainbow Clouds

This is an Collection of Ramya Devims.


25. Rainbow Concepts


26. Reflection

This Photograph was taken by Jacqelinela.


27. Really Messy Rainbow Wallpaper

This is an Collection of Pagit.


28. Delightful Nature

This is an Collection of Prosperity.


29. Rainbow Lorikeet

This photo was taken on October 6, 2011 using a Canon EOS 500D.


30. Rainbow by Jac


As you would have judged by now, some of the above images are artificial while some others are original. The intention of all these images was beauty. I hope you liked them. Do leave a comment below to let me know your views.

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