30+ Intricate & Cryptic Key Designs

We use keys every day, to lock up our wealthy possessions or to open our precious vaults, when needed. But despite their practical importance, we don’t hold them in high regard, like how we view our jewellery or photography equipment. And the reason is quite simple: it’s because of their boring straight-off-the-mill designs.

In fact, one key looks pretty much like the other, apart from the pattern carved onto the body of the key. Well, that gives us all the more reason to spruce things up a bit, doesn’t it?

(Image Source: beautifullife)

The only limit to an artist’s work is their imagination, and this is what we are featuring in today’s post. Here are 40 awesome intricately designed and cryptic keys that you probably have never encountered before. We’re not sure if these keys unlock anything in the world but we’ll settle for the bedazzling designs nonetheless.

Immortal Keys

Tree Spirit Key Necklace

Dragon Of Legend Pendant Key

Time Travel Key

Retro Industrial Key Pendant – Monarch Butterfly

Secret Place Where People Plant Stuff Key

Epic Golden Emperor Key

Winged Steampunk Key Necklace

Dragon Key

Retro Industrial Key Pendant – Nature Under Moon

Epic Star Key

Time Paradox Key Necklace

Epic Keys

Steampunk Key To My Heart

Pirates Key Of Sleepy Hollow

Tree of Friendship Key

Mechanical Steampunk Key

Dragon Lord Key Necklace

Steampunk Flowering Key

Steampunk Key

Aero Steampunk Heart Key

Silver Steampunk Key

Steampunk Key Wing

Retro Industrial Key Pendant – Vintage Mechanical Watch Movement

Fantasy Jewellery Key

Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace

Chains Of Demiurge

Vintage Silver Flying Key

Philosophy Of Time Travel Key

Steampunk Gold Tone Angel Wing Key

Sun Key

Wizard Key

Silver Dragon Key

Steampunk Time Travel Key

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