30 Sand-sational Castles & Sculptures

Building castles in the air. Oh wait, I mean sandcastles. At the beach.

That’s right, sandcastles and other sand sculptures. Who would’ve thought the grainy yellowish-brown material has so much potential for making 3D masterpieces? Get some reasonably fine sand grains, add in some water, a little creativity and some time to kill and we could have magnificent sculptures created by masters of sand sculpting. Sculptures like these.

This article will showcase 30 amazing artworks by sand sculptors. For casual sandbuilders, you will definitely be astonished that people can actually build such elaborate sculptures.

Flea Circus (Image Credit: Evelyn Tan)

Leaders (Image Credit: Natalia Kolesnikova)

Elephant (Image Credit: Weston and Sculptures)

King Kong (Image Credit: Sandstorm)

Animals (Image Credit: Sandstorm)

Africa (Image Credit: Sandstorm)

Abstract Sand Sculpture (Image Credit: Grain Damaged)

Writings (Image Credit: Grain Damaged)

Alien Vs. Bender (Image Credit: Grain Damaged)

Fusion(Image Credit: Grain Damaged)

What Lies Beneath (Image Credit: Grain Damaged)

Flying Dutchman (Image Credit: Rijerse)

Castle From Fairy Tales (Image Credit: Sue McGrew)

Magical Moments Festival of Disneyland Paris (Image Credit: Blankenberge)

The Adoration of The Sherpherds (Image Credit: Susanne Ruseler)

Made of Sand (Image Credit: Stephen Jones)

Super Bowl XLIII (Image Credit: Eric Gay)

Neuschwanstein Castle (Image Credit: René)

‘Sandcastle’ By the Sea (Image Credit: Victor Palacios)

Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge and Swiss Clockwork (Image Credit: SetosPuppy)

Sagrada Familia (Image Credit: SetosPuppy)

Hollywood (Image Credit: Susana)

Tribal (Image Credit: Apolinário Pancinha)

Seven Continents (Image Credit: Grete Howard)

Seven Continents 2 (Image Credit: Grete Howard)

The Wolf and Little Red-Cap (Image Credit: Cesar Luis)

Fantasy (Image Credit: BelialMadHatter)

Valves & Pipes (Image Credit: BelialMadHatter)

Distance Gives Perspective (Image Credit: Jim Seida)

Sandcastle Universe (Image Credit: Tine Verheyden)

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