35 Awesome and Useful Facebook WordPress Plugins

Social media like Facebook and Twitter have evolved as the most important platforms through which the ecommerce website owners, bloggers and different genres of businesses are making their presence felt on the internet before the millions of prospective viewers and readers.

If you are a webmaster, then you must take the initiatives to integrate your website with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to attract targeted traffic in your website. Facebook is a premier social networking that has the highest number of users globally. By integrating your site with Facebook the contents of the sites can be easily viewed by the fans on Facebook without logging into a website at all. Moreover, the comments made by a fan on a particular platform always get updated in the profile of the friends of the fan as well, thus giving the site better exposure before other prospective clients. All the Word press users have a great news as they can now use some of the integrated plugins which are compatible between these two sites. If the exploit these plugins in the right manner, then they will be able to create a niche for themselves which will give them a better exposure in comparison to their competitors.

In this article we have listed the best among the many Word press plugins that will certainly help the owner of the site to get better exposure in comparison to its competitors. A wide range of plugins are available, therefore providing the website owners with more than enough options to choose from in accordance with their own need.

1. Next Gen Facebook

The NextGEN Facebook plugin adds Open Graph meta tags to all webpage headers, including the “article” object type for posts and pages. The featured image thumbnails, from a NextGEN Gallery or Media Library, are also correctly listed in the “image” meta tag. This plugin goes well beyond any other plugins I know in handling various archive-type webpages.


2. Facebook for Word press

This Word Press plugin makes your site deeply social by integrating functionality from Facebook.


3. Facebook Page Promoter Light box

All your visitors should know about your Facebook page and tell their friends. With this plugin you can display a preconfigured Facebook Page-Like Box.


4. Open Graph

The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. Most notably, this allows for these pages to be used with Facebook’s Like Button and Graph API as well as within Google+ posts. The Open Graph plugin inserts the Open Graph metadata into Word Press posts and pages, and provides a simple extension mechanism for other plugins and themes to override this data, or to provide additional Open Graph data.


5. Add This


6. Facebook Comments by Fat Panda

This plugin is a drop-in solution for replacing the default Word Press commenting with the Facebook Comments widget. It is far-and-away the easiest to use plugin available – just try it and see! Check it out.


7. Rebel Mouse

Add your Rebel Mouse to your blog! Rebel Mouse is your social front page; connect all of your social networks to create a beautiful, dynamic site in seconds. Rebel Mouse shows the world what you care about and automatically updates as you share.


8. Facebook Tab Manager

The Facebook Tab Manager allows you to create landing pages and other types of content to be displayed within Facebook, particularly within the tabs that appear on Facebook business pages and pages for other types of organizations. This provides a way of putting more interesting layouts and functionality into your Facebook pages, without the need to get too deep into fancy programming.


9. Social Media Icons Widget

The Social Media Icons Widget is a basic sidebar widget that displays icon links for the user’s social media profile URLs. The widget includes 28 different freeware icon sets with different combinations of icons.  The default icon set features all the icon types found in the other icon sets. It is also possible to create custom icon sets by adding a folder with the icons you want to appear in your sidebar.


10. Skysa Facebook Like App

A Facebook like button which you can configure to like any page on your site or a Facebook fan page.


11. Word Press Facebook Grabber

Wp Facebook Grabber plugin provide a way to take public content from Facebook and insert in your Word Press pages or posts.


12. SEO Facebook Comment

SEO Facebook Comments embeds a Facebook Comment Form on your blog and also looks at each of your blog posts searching for Facebook Comments already posted. All new found comments will be added to Word Press Database.


13. Add Link to Facebook

Automatically add links to posts or pages that are being published to your Facebook wall, pages or groups. Simple one time setup and forget. The way links appear on Facebook can be customized.


14. Gigya’s Word Press plugin

Gigya’s Word Press plugin is a powerful addition to any Word Press blog or site, enabling a wide range of features that are fully configurable using the Word Press Administration Panels.


15. Facebook Like for Tags

Use Facebook Like for Tags for ongoing updates and sharing. Share new posts with users who Liked your tags or categories before and earn money too!


16. Facebook Members

Facebook Members is a Word Press Social Plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website.


17. All In One Facebook

With this widget and plugin combination , you can display a customizable JQUERY accordion which gathers Facebook social plugins together with option which to be display or which you don’t want to display in your side bar or widget area, and by the plugin you can set short code for each and every thing what you want to put in your post on your website .


18. Jamie Social Icons

Show social icons at the top or bottom of post/page or adding the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn buttons manually. This plugin allows you to add the social share icons on your page or post.


19. GRA4 Social Network

GRA4 Social Network arms Word Press engine with social network functionality. Friends, likes, activity streams, groups, messaging, events and more.


20. Facebook Registration Tool

The Facebook Registration Tool, as announced by Facebook Developer Paul provides a registration mechanism that is both Facebook user and Facebook hold-out friendly. Facebook Login (the tool formerly known as Facebook Connect) is a great solution to integrate Facebook into your site, but is not friendly to those users who don’t have or utilize their own Facebook accounts.


21. Simple Facebook Connect

Makes it easy for your site to use Facebook Connect, in a wholly modular way.


Premium Plugins

22. Attention Grabber-Word press Notification Bar

Attention Grabber is a plugin for Word press that allows you to add a notification bar to your website. With this plugin you can easily display custom texts, Twitter posts and Feeds RSS . Also, the huge list of features lets you fully customize the notifications look. Attention Grabber is a simple but effective solution to market your products and share contents through your website.


23. Facebook Like box Slider for Word Press

The best Social Slider plugin for Word press on the market. Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity.


24. Facebook Quiz Application – Word press plugin


25. Social Image Hover for Word Press

Social Image Hover for Word Press combines all of the web’s most popular social services into one easy to use plugin. Social Image Hover allows you to quickly and easily add hover-over social buttons to your images on-the-fly making them instantly “shareable” on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


26. Social Download System for Word Press

Social Download System for Word Press gives you instant access to over 2 BILLION social media users allowing them to share your content to start downloads. Combine Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a social media traffic generating powerhouse of your Word Press site.


27. Facebook Page Themes via Word press Admin

We have redesigned the plugin so that it now meets the new width (810px) of Facebook Timeline for Pages. You will now get two versions of the plugin, one is the same as before fitting the narrow Canvas (520px) and the other one is the new version fitting the wide Canvas (810px).


28. Word press Social Share

The DP Social Share plugin lets your users share your pages using different social networks in a new and elegant way.


29. Website Gallery (with Slider & Facebook Support)

Website Gallery is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to quickly add and display a collection of albums on your website, either by uploading pictures from your computer or by importing albums from one or multiple Facebook “like” pages or user accounts.


30. Facebook Subscribe for Word Press

Facebook Subscribe for  brings you full control and support of Facebook’s New Subscribe Button social plugin. FB Sub for Word Press is the only plugin offering full short code + template tag support for Word Press.


31. Facebook Walleria – Word press Plugin

Facebook Walleria is a Word Press Plugin that embeds a number of Facebook Objects into your website. It uses the Facebook Graph to pull information about Albums, Photos, Feed, Comments, Events and presents the information on your website in a sleek style.


32. FB Page Integrator – Word Press Plugin

We just updated FB Integrator to support new wider FB Pages. You can use max 780px (width) for images inside Word press post. Page is refreshing automatically after user LIKE it.


33. Facebook Gallery

Facebook Gallery is a powerful PHP script designed to allow you to quickly add and display a collection of albums on your website from one or multiple Facebook “like” pages or user accounts.


34. Recent Facebook Photos: A Plugin for Word Press

Whether you’re a business or individual, you’ve probably wished it were easy to import your recent Facebook photos onto your Word Press website. Now it is! The Recent Facebook Photos plugin for Word Press makes it very easy to include the most recently shared photos on your Facebook page.


35. Facebook ecommerce Shop

It’s the first premium word press plugin that allows you to create a store on Facebook in just minutes, and not only that! You can use it as: standalone word press theme, mobile store and of course Facebook page tab application.


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