40 Free World Flags Icon Sets

Looking for free, good quality country flag icons? Well, look no further because we have rounded up some of the best country flags icon set you can download. Whether you want to use these flags icons to indicate language choices on your website, or customize your desktop theme, the 35+ handpicked icon sets will serve your purpose.

With a total of over 10,000 flag icons that come in different styles, shapes and sizes, you are bound to find the desired icon of the country you need. They are also available in various formats (.jpg, .ico, .icns) to suit your operating system and your usage.

Be inspired by these fabulous icons! Who knows, maybe you will even create your very own unique country flag icons after checking these out.

50 Flag Buttons (Source: asgardstudios)

233 Countries Flag Icon Set for iPhone Map (Source: Custom Icon Design)

24 Dirty Flag Folders Icons (Source: Blake Summers)

48 Shiny Flag Icons – Europe (Source: Alain Jollat)

48 Shiny Flag Icons – Asia (Source: Alain Jollat)

45 European Flags (Source: Kamila)

32 WorldCup Flag-Balls (Source: Philipp Schaffrath)

50 World Flags Icons of Asia (Source: Javier Ocasio)

50 World Flags Icons of Europe (Source: Javier Ocasio)

36 World Flags Icons of Caribbean, Central & North America (Source: Javier Ocasio)

14 World Flags Icons of South America (Source: Javier Ocasio)

56 World Flags Icons of Africa (Source: Javier Ocasio)

23 World Flags Icons of Oceania (Source: Javier Ocasio)

18 World Flags Icons of Antartica & International Organizations (Source: Javier Ocasio)

238 (All Countries) Glossy Round Flag Icons (Source: Radosław Rokita)

230 Flags of the World (Source: Nordic Factory)

27 European Union Flags (Source: Dooffy Design)

48 World Wide Flags (Pixel) (Source: Roberto Mocci)

247 Small Pixel Flag Icons (Source: Mark James)

122 Country Flag Icons (Source: Jojo Mendoza)

275 V7 Flags Icons (Source: Alper Cakici)

1698 Icons: 283 Flags in 6 different sizes(Source: IconDrawer)

1,834 All-in-One Country Flag Icon Set (Source: CustomIconDesign)

208 Individual Icons Downloads (Source: FlagsPictures,org)

34 I’m Not A Patriot Icons (Source: Mayosoft)

1000+ Flag Icons Search Engine (Individual Downloads) (Source: Redpixart LLC)

24 Swiss Designs Flag Icons (Source: Swiss Designs)

243 Country Flag Icons (Source: 365icon)

23 iPhone Flag Icons (Source: Silentrage1)

178 Sticker Flags (Source: Memo-Designer)

52 Flag Icons (Source: IconsCity)

10 Wavy Flag Icons (Source: pan-Tera)

54 Vista Flags Icons (Source: Icons-Land)

1,901 World Flags Icons (Source: Osiris_TSGK)

31 Country Stamps Icons (Source: bhound69)

23 Espanol Flag Icons (Source: Alpak)

255 World Flags Icons (Source: Syahmi Ismail)

2,500 Flag Icon Set (Source: Gosquared)

1230 Icons: 246 Free Flags Icons In 5 Sizes (Source: Naatydesign)

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