40 Icon Sets (And More!) To Bring Christmas Into Your Design

Christmas is but a few weeks away! And the deadline for getting your Christmas shopping done is looming near too. This is also the time when we gear up for Christmas-themed designs for our sites to welcome the festive year-end celebrations. The good news is that here at hongkiat.com, we’ve got a lot of resourceful posts (and freebies) to speed up your design process.

christmas icon set
(Image Source: MKho)

Today, we have bundled up a list of 40 free quality Christmas icon sets aimed to speed up and spice up your Christmas design project, and there’s a special bonus section at the end of the post too. Have fun with the following collection and have a Merry Christmas everyone!

More Christmas related resign resources:

Christmas & New Year Icons. Brought to you exclusively by hongkiat.com, this icon set, created by GraphicsFuel comes with appealing designs with beautifully-crafted details, all to contribute to your upcoming design masterpiece! (Image Source: Hongkiat)

christmas and new year icons

Christmas Icon Set. An impressive masterpiece that deserves to be added into your master collection of Christmas design resources. (Image Source: MKho)

christmas icon set

Archigraphs Set. Archigraphs should be the icon artist you visit every time you’re looking for awe-inspiring icon sets, and here is one of them. (Image Source: Archigraphs)

archigraphs set

Archigraphs Christmas. Another set with striking detail from the Archigraphs, great for any quality-driven design! (Image Source: Archigraphs)

archigraphs christmas

The Christmas Icons. Bright and brilliant, that are the aspects that Christmas icons need in order to attract customers, and Aroche’s Christmas icon set has got them in ICO and PNG format, and the size is 512x512px. (Image Source: aroche)

the christmas icons

Christmas Snow Globe. Have a winter-inspired glossy snow globe design; freely resize it to any resolution as it’s a full vector shape layer! (Image Source: GraphicsFuel)

christmas snow globe

Christmas Candles. Whether you want to create a sales page or product page, these gorgeous Christmas candles in PSD format will increase your page’s aesthetics and light up your hope of new sales record. (Image Source: GraphicsFuel)

christmas candles

Candy Cane. Customers like candy! And they like charming candy canes more, and this PSD candy cane is available to you with a size of 400x300px. (Image Source: nelutuinfo)

candy cane

Christmas Vector Art Characters. Meet the awesome vector character packs from Pixeden, which comes with a cute Santa, naughty elves, cheerful reindeer and more! Available in AI and EPS format. (Image Source: Pixeden)

christmas vector art characters

Reindeer. Want a reindeer with nice detail to rock your design? This is the one you have been searching for, available with 400x300px PSD/PNG. (Image Source: nelutuinfo)


Gingerbread Man. Here’s a delicious-looking 256x256px Gingerbread man icon, in PSD and PNG format. (Image Source: nelutuinfo)

gingerbread man

Christmas Icons. Shock your customers with the detail of this premium, 256x256px PNG Christmas icon set, designed by Iconshock! (Image Source: Iconshock)

christmas icons

Seasonal Holiday. What you see is what you get – 4 Christmas icons in Illustrator and PNG format and of course, blessed with quality. (Image Source: Tutorial9)

seasonal holiday

ChristMac. Want some Apple-related icon designs to go with your Apple product posts? This 512x512px icon set, packaged with ICO, ICNS and PNG format, could change everything. (Image Source: MDGraphs)


Christmas Gadgets. Feel like organizing a giveaway contest to visitors during Christmas? This Christmas Gadgets set could help attract your visitors. There are 5 icons in the set, with 2 sizes – 256px and 512px. (Image Source: Little Box of Ideas)

christmas gadget

Gift and Ball. Here comes the pleasant Gift and Christmas Balls PNG design in the size of 128x128px and 256x256px from Shin-UI, grab them to put together an uplifting design! (Image Source: Shin-UI)

gift and ball

Santa’s Chair. Get your creative juices flowing with this unique 256x256px Santa’s chair icon, available in both ICO and PNG formats. (Image Source: fengsj)

santa's chair

Snow Globe. Light up your Christmas designs with this delightful 512px snow globe, designed for you in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats. (Image Source: MDGraphs)

snow globe

Christmas Graphics. You The Designer had been a kind Santa last year, giving away 10 PNG Christmas icons for decorating your blog or website available in 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256x256px. (Image Source: You The Designer)

christmas graphics

DesignModo Pack. DesignModo packs a cool set of Christmas icons that consist of the essential elements of a joyful Christmas. They come in 48×48, 72×72, 128×128, and 256×256 in PNG format. (Image Source: DesignModo)

designmodo pack

Awesome Christmas Pack. It’s hard to reject the generous offer of these 12 vibrant PNG Christmas icons, available in 64px, 128px and 256px. (Image Source: InstaTuts)

awesome christmas pack

Xmas Stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? Especially cute ones! And this Xmas Stickers pack has got everything you want to stick on a Christmas design. It’s available in 3 different sizes: 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256, and even a vector file for infinite resize! (Image Source: Mighty Deals)

xmas stickers

Festive Christmas Icon Pack. Simplicity is the key, and Smashing Magazine presents to you a pack of 20 vector icons with minimalist designs and it even comes with color and grayscale versions! (Image Source: Smashing Magazine)

festive christmas icon pack

Merry Christmas Pack. Don’t let the preview picture fool you, this is actually a big pack of Christmas icons – 28 vector icons are available in AI and even EPS format. And most importantly, they are high-quality design. (Image Source: mohsenfakharian)

merry christmas pack

Christmas Pack. Who can resist the Iconshock Christmas icon pack, where every icon is done with pure dedication? And here are 12 icons, available in both vector and PNG formats, for you to add that magical touch to your Christmas project. (Image Source: IconFinder)

christmas pack

Plastic Christmas. Here’s one sweet mini-pack of six detailed PNG Christmas icons ready in 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px, 256x256px. (Image Source: IconArchive)

plastic christmas

Winter Holiday. They might be few, but they are cute! Seven pretty PNG icons in 1 compressed zip pack with the sizes of 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, and 128x128px. (Image Source: Icon Drawer)

winter holiday

Christmas Icons 2. Now you can’t complain that you can’t get a free gorgeous Christmas bell design! And it’s in a 512x512px PNG file. (Image Source: Icon Drawer)

christmas icons 2

Xmas Festive. Here’s a nice deal from Mighty Deals – an Xmas Festive Icon Set with 20 icons inside, all available in the size of 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256 plus one more surprise, vector file for easier editing! (Image Source: Mighty Deals)

xmas festive

Smashing Christmas. “The set boasts 39 beautiful, well-crafted icons with a warm and welcoming color scheme. Button style, realistic style, simple shape style, you name it, Smashing Christmas has it.” (Image Source: Icon Eden)

smashing christmas

Icojam Pack. Pixel makes people happy, and so does this pack of pixel-like PNG/GIF Christmas icons, with the (somehow) mini size of 50x50px. (Image Source: Icojam)

icojam pack

Christmas Eikon Pak. It’s hard to believe that this is actually the first icon set of samborek, but yeah, they look very cool! The icons are in different sizes, but they are all in PNG format. (Image Source: samborek)

christmas eikon pak

Social Christmas. Encourage your visitors to engage with you on social networks this Christmas! This social-friendly pack comes with more than 20 256x256px PNG icons that includes Dribbble, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube icons! (Image Source: Noctuline)

social christmas

Xmas and New Year. Feel like going creative with unique and compelling icons? Grab these 128x128px Xmas and New Year icons, available in ICO and PNG format. (Image Source: blackblurrr)

xmas and new year

Silent Night. “I was very hurry, cause I have in my plans to do Christmas icons, and when I realised it was already 10th of December. I was going crazy with those icon drawing, and that’s why they are only max 128px.” (Image Source: ArtDesigner.lv)

silent night

Real Christmas Reloaded. Real Christmas icon set was released back in 2005, and it’s so highly demanded that Eighty8Four decided to release the reloaded version of the pack. The set comes with 20 PNG icons in 128x128px, and their quality could still rival more recently released icon sets! (Image Source: Eighty8Four)

real christmas reloaded

Festive Set. A shiny set of christmas icons from Psdtuts+, in sweet PNG format and in sizes ranging from 64x64px to 512x512px. (Image Source: Psdtuts+)

festive set

Christmas Magic. If “magic” is anywhere in the name of the pack, you can be sure that DryIcons has something to do with it. This magical PNG set comes with flexible sizes, that are 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 and 256x256px. (Image Source: DryIcons)

christmas magic

Christmas Spirit. DryIcons have lived up to the Christmas spirit by sharing 8 more nice Christmas icons in sizes of 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 and 256×256, and for sure they come with friendly ICO, PNG and ICNS formats. (Image Source: DryIcons)

christmas spirit

Snowmen. Happy snowmen cheers up everyone, and there are 8 snowmen available to you in this pack! PNG, ICO and ICNS formats, in the sizes of 128x128px and 256x256px. (Image Source: DaPinoGraphics)


Bonus: Brushes, Patterns and Layer Styles

What do snowmen eat for breakfast? Snowflakes! OK, it’s a little lame, to make up for it, here are awesome snowflakes brushes, adorable Christmas doodles, sweet patterns and fabulous layer styles for you to implement into your design, enjoy!

Snowflakes. Want to start a year-end design project with better, brighter snowflake brushes? Here’s one of the best you can find, and it’s got 15 quality brushes in the pack. (Image Source: env1ro)


10 Snowflakes. Misszoe’s 10 snowflakes brushes are gorgeous artwork on its own. Better still, they are actually scalable vector brushes! (Image Source: misszoe)

10 snowflakes

Winter Clip Art. Need more brushes for more creative projects? Take this, 21 snowflakes winter clip art that could also function as large resolution brushes for creating ideal designs. (Image Source: Photoshop Free Brushes)

winter clip art

Complex Snowflakes. “This Photoshop brush set is BIG folks. It’s jam-packed with over 40 high-res brushes of snowflakes, all created by yours truly. They kind of make you want to cozy up by a warm fire with a big steaming hot cup of cocoa.” (Image Source: Ars Grafik)

complex snowflakes

Christmas Doodles. Seriously, who doesn’t like cute designs? And this pack of 12 Christmas doodles brushes will help you charm up your designs for your client or your girlfriend. (Image Source: coydreamer)

christmas doodles

Cute Christmas. Another series of cute Christmas brushes created by the same designer, and this time the pack contains 15 delicious Christmas brushes. (Image Source: coydreamer)

cute christmas

Xmas Patterns. Where are the cute, appealing Christmas patterns when you need them? Ah, here they are. A full pack of awesomeness coming up. (Image Source: Romenig)

xmas patterns

Xmas Layer Styles. Let these six gorgeous Christmas text styles aid your creation of the most impressive Christmas design this year! (Image Source: Efeito Photoshop)

xmas layer styles

Holiday Layer Styles. What’s great about this pack is that the layer styles are not only suitable for Christmas-related design, but also most holiday projects. But most importantly, they have breathtaking details! (Image Source: Tutorial9)

holiday layer styles

Christmas Text Styles. Luxurious design with impassioned details, often hard (and hectic) to achieve – with this pack, all you need to do to make your design shine, is to grab and apply them. Insta-add to the collection. (Image Source: GraphicsFuel)

christmas text styles

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