40 Logos And Objects Created With Pure CSS

Few years back, it was totally impossible to create logos or create characters only with the use of CSS, but now, thanks to the development in IT sector, it is possible. Today, designers can create logo only by using their coding skills. This sounds quite interesting and so the logo created with CSS only.

This collection is dedicated to those logo designs and characters that have been developed by using CSS only. If you are interested and want to get inspired then have a look at this collection and be inspired to create your own CSS based logos or characters. Do not forget to share your opinions with us via comment section below.

Logos In Pure CSS

Animated Flat Camera Icon

CSS Shredder


Drawing the line


Wall Clock

A lego house




CSS Pencils

Big Mac


CSS3 Raindrop

Bahamas Logo using CSS3

CSS House

Dibujando con CSS


CSS House 2

CSS Flower

CSS3 Experiment

Wacky CSS example

CSS3 Gradients: No Image Aqua Button

iOS 7 Icons

Basic Tangram Set


Star of Slants


Pixel Warp Pipe CSS Demo

CSS3 Zoom!!

Internet Explorer Pure CSS Icon

3D – CSS puzzle

The star spangled banner

Opera Logo with CSS

Pure CSS Twitter Fail Whale

Pacman CSS

The British Flag – version 1

Random art

CSS art gallery

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