45 Informative And Extremely Creative Infographics

In this collection, we are presenting 45 extremely creative Infographics for you so that you can see how brilliantly you can also present your own Infographic designs. Infographics is the most preferred way to effectively and successfully communicate statistics and information with the readers in a more meaningful and readable way. The way Infographics have taken the web over the last few years is simply incredible.

Today, people are more interested in seeing information in a visually pleasing manner. Therefore, we have collected these 45 best and truly creative Infographics designs for you. So let us take a look at this collection and be inspired to create your own. Enjoy!

2012 London Olympic Venues

The Big Questions of Climate Change

Jet Lag

VISA London Economic Outlook

U.S. Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Digital Anatomy of the Affluent Male

Market and Competitive Intelligence Trends

Airport Infographic

Human Storage

Space Invaders Infographic

Facebook vs Twitter Infographic

The 20 Most Expensive AdWords on Google

U.S. Education vs. The World

The World’s Most Disasterous Oil Spills

Japan: The Earthquake & The Tsunami

The Recession and America’s Prisons

The Deadliest Disease Outbreaks in History

How Do Americans Feel About the Bin Laden Mission?

Earth Illustrated, 3D World and Infographics – V2

Infographic Elements

The Mobile Developer Journey

Gas Prices + Consumption Around the World

Tensile Consulting Infographics

Jonathan Patterson Infographic

Water Will Be The Oil Of The 21st Century

Best Times to Tweet or Post on Facebook

A Humorous Look at Infographics

Top World Football Earners Infographic

Digital Lifestyle Infographic

Big Brothers

Why do freeways come to a stop?

Blame Twitter

The Ascent of Ecommerce Infographic

The Social Buying Universe Infographic

The DNA of a Successful Book

The Ever Expanding Taste Graph

America’s Overlooked Amusement Parks Infographic

The Working World Infographic

Ancient Hebrew Cosmology

The American Dream: A Road to Riches

The Most Prescribed Psychiatric Drugs

What are People Really Buying Online?


OFW Dispatch Infographics

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