5 Free Virtual Assistants For Android

Virtual Assistants program understands your conversation, replies you and carries out many daily tasks for you like sending mail, making a search, opening apps, reporting the news and weather, and more. The best thing of all, you can activate all this using your voice. In fact, for some of the following virtual assistants, it’s the only input they can receive.

All the major virtual assistants can make calls or send messages for you, open apps or make web searches. Let’s check what they have more to offer. Be it an assistant to give you the answers you need, to launch your apps for you via voice command, or to get an A.I. you can talk to, there’s something for everyone here.


Do you like chatting? AIVC is a superb voice-powered virtual assistant, interested in chatting with you. AIVC stands for Artificial Intelligence Voice Control and it works as its name says. You can ask questions and get answers, have some chit-chat, and much more.

The Free version doesn’t support automatic listening for input or other such premium features, but AIVC’s intelligence ranks it higher than others.


  • Help in Navigation
  • Schedule Events or set Alarms
  • Play Music or Videos
  • Display Pictures
  • Translate languages
  • Set Timer
  • Solve (simple) Maths calculations
  • Update Facebook

2. Skyvi

Do you like to talk? Skyvi can understand you and give back a clever response. It can even be activated by voice – say "Hello Skyvi" and it will get activated, ready to listen to your commands.

Skyvi’s interface is simple and professional – there is no cute girl waiting for you to talk, only a clean app interface, always ready to receive and execute your commands.


  • Read aloud Incoming Messages
  • Voice Wake options
  • Find places and Get directions
  • Update Twitter and Facebook
  • Car mode

3. iris

Iris is not Siri despite being a low-level anagram of it, but it’s one of the oldest voice apps built for Android. Iris has the simplest UI you’d have ever seen – a button to activate listening and a transcript of your conversations. Iris only takes voice inputs.


  • Show Missed Calls information
  • Play music for you
  • Tell you time, date and location
  • Send status updates to Facebook and Twitter
  • Set alarms and calendar events
  • Read news and tell your horoscope

4. Everfriends

Ready to make friends? Many are willing to befriend you. Spoony, a cute extraterrestrial creature. Brainy, a beautiful and sweet blonde. Mary, the mysterious assistant, and Mei, a pretty and charming girl.

They will be your friend and assistant – entertaining you and helping you in your work. Everfriends accept voice, text, and also offers preset answers to choose from. Everfriends work well to assist you and offer you entertainment options but hardly understands anything that is not in its database.


  • Set alarms
  • News and Daily Horoscope
  • Tell updates of Twitter and Facebook
  • Remind about events from calendar and Facebook
  • Entertain you with Radio, Games, Videos, and Jokes
  • Show favorite TV shows (SPB TV integration)
  • Find Shopping offers (Shoptimus integration)
  • Find Hotels (Smartive Hotels integration)
  • Language support for English, Russian, and Spanish

5. Easy Launcher

As its name suggests, you can use it to launch apps and websites using voice commands. But that’s not all, it can open Settings and even switch on (or off) networks, e.g. Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.

It takes voice as the only input and although, it doesn’t uses Google Voice Engine, it’s voice recognition system is not too shabby.


  • Receive incoming calls
  • Search Wiki
  • Search Maps and Google Play Store
  • Uninstall apps
  • Control Networks like WiFi, Bluetooth, Sync, and GPS
  • Open Device settings like Brightness, Wallpaper, etc.

Bonus: 1 More


Evi is a virtual assistant with the ability to answer your questions. It listens to your questions and gives smart answers. Evi has access to multiple knowledge sources and it chooses the best one to answer you.

Evi can take both text and voice as input. Evi is quite good at finding the right answers to your questions and it has a nice personality to boot.


  • Ask questions about places, books, albums, movies, etc.
  • Find places
  • Find shops and restaurants near you
  • Convert units and currencies

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