5 Handy Android Apps To Supercharge Your WeChat

As a WeChat user, as much as you love some of the features that come with WeChat such as being able to share videos on Moments, trigger confetti in a chat room or set when you want or don’t want to receive notifications that from WeChat friends, WeChat still has plenty of limitations. Well, there’s where third party apps come in to save the day.

Lock WeChat With Message Locker

If you are on Android, this post will introduce to you 5 handy Android apps that will help extend the usability of the WeChat app. With these apps you can use more than 2 WeChat accounts on the same device, share music and YouTube videos, springclean your WeChat account so it doesn’t slow down your device, or even lock your WeChat app so that nobody can use your account without your permission.

1. 2 Lines For WeChat

If you’re using a dual-SIM smartphone and would like to be able to be able to use two different WeChat accounts on your smartphone, then 2 Line For WeChat is the app you’re looking for. You can easily switch between your two accounts using this app, without having to waste time logging in and logging out every time you want to switch. Note that this app requires root access.

To use, tap on Add a new line for WeChat and it will open the WeChat login screen in the app. Sign up for a new account using your other number and you’re good to go. To switch between your accounts, just go into the 2 Lines for WeChat app and tap on either phone numbers on the list.

2 Lines For WeChat

2. Cleaner For WeChat

If you have been using WeChat for a long time, you may want to start doing a little housekeeping to prevent the app from slowing down your Android device. Through WeChat you probably have received tons of photos, videos and voice notes that may have accumulated. Using Cleaner For WeChat, you will be able to see the amount of space taken up by these items and get them permanently deleted with a single tap.

If you would prefer to go through all your photos, videos and voice note one at a time, the app accommodates this by including an interface for each type of item for easier browsing. Besides that, the app also come with some advanced features such as memory limit and clean schedule.

Cleaner For WeChat

3. TTPod

Have you ever wondered how can you share music on WeChat Moments? By normal means you can’t, but apparently there’s this app called TTPod that allows you to share music to WeChat Moments directly from the TTPod app via their plugin. The app is made in China, therefore you will find some Chinese words in the app (mostly songs) but not to worry because the app now supports English.

To share music on Moments, all you need is to search for the song using the search feature inside the app. Click the magnifying glass to start searching. Once you found your song, tap and hold to open a menu then tap on the share button and the Moments logo to update it on your Moments page.


4. Message Locker

Do you feel uncomfortable having someone else using your Android device and having access to your messaging app? Well, you can try using Message Locker app to put a lock on all kinds of messaging apps including WeChat. That way whenever someone tried to open WeChat on your device, unless they know the PIN code you’ve set beforehand, they won’t be able to access it.

The PIN number needs to be set the moment you lock an app and it will use the same PIN number for every app that you choose to lock with Message Locker. If you’re afraid of forgetting your PIN number, you can set 3 questions as a recovery option, and you will be asked to answer those questions that you’ve set if you forget your PIN number.

Message Locker

5. YouTube

YouTube is a well known app and by default it should already come preinstalled on your Android device. But do you know that you can actually share YouTube videos on Moments? There are tons of videos to be found on YouTube, making it the perfect medium for sharing online videos. You can’t share any YouTube video directly from the YouTube app to Moments, but you can send it to Chat instead.

Try sharing a video from YouTube. Choose Send to Chat, and choose yourself as the recipient (you will need to add yourself as a friend beforehand). Then all you need to do is to open the link you’ve sent to yourself on WeChat, tap on the navicon icon and share it on Moments.


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