50 Awesome Resume Designs That Will Bag The Job

A recruiter just spends about six seconds on a resume – the length of a Vine video. Thus it is important to find a way to make your resume stand out of tons of other resumes, particularly when you are in design. Impressive resume designs show your potential employer that you’re full of outstanding ideas, a creative person with plenty of imagination to spare.

While creative CV design may not work with an economist or a lawyer, it’s ideal for designers and artists. Self-promotion via print is a new trend these days, so design to impress. Here are a few awesome resume ideas you can draw inspiration from. Creative is the word of the day!

1. Infographics Resume by Chen Zhi Liang

2. Curriculum Vitae / Resume by Ashley Spencer

3. Self Promotion Mailer by Pat Schlaich

4. My CV / resume by João Andrade

5. SELF-PROMOTION by Leonardo Zakour

6. CV | RESUME by Giorgi Bou

7. Self Promotion: Resume & Job Application by Vidar Olufsen

8. My Resume by Gabriel Ghnassia

9. Infographic CV by Ana Lourenco

10. Self Promotion by Tai Hsiung Huang

11. Resume | Self Promotion by Errol Veloso

12. Personal Stationery by Alysa Choudri

13. My Resume by Navdeep Raj

14. DM – Personal Promo + Identity by Daniela Milier

15. Graphic Resume/ CV by Sara Catanzariti

16. Self-Promotion ’12 by Joel Silva

17. xsarax // CV by xsarax

18. Curriculum Vitae (CV) by ZI-HUAI SHEN

19. Self Promotion – ID by Natasha Hellegouarch

20. Self Promotion by Colm O Connor

21. Curriculum Vitae by Gauthier Saillard

22. Creative Self Branding by Mackenzie Prather

23. Curriculum Vitae by Leonardo Perez Gutierrez

24. Self Promotion / Stationary by Pamela Espana

25. Curriculum Vitae & Web design Ryan Eccleston

26. SELF PROMOTION 2011 by Chul hwee Kim

27. Self Promotion and Cv by Martin Zarian

28. Curriculum Vitae by Giuliana Castelliti

29. CV by Mikaila Barber

30. Josh Fein Creative Resume / Self Promo by Joshua Fein

31. Self Promotion by Siri Lonvik

32. SMOG Creative CV by Miguel Rato

33. Resume by jesss33

34. Creative Resume by Kristina Bolante

35. Self Promotion by Rebecca Liggins

36. Hey! Curriculum Vitae by Elsa Semin

37. Self-promotion kit by Skrybchenko Daria

38. CV Resume by islasraul

39. Elegant Modern Resume by Ramzi Hachicho

40. Resume by Allison Brunton

41. Creative CV by Russelle Justine Fernandez

42. Resume + Design Process Infographic by Stephanie Bullock

43. The One Page Resume by Grydster Design

44. Infographic Resume by Qianhui Tan

45. Resume – Poster design by Tushar Ghei

46. Self Promotion by Guillem Boti


48. Resume / Job application by Jesper Winther

49. INFOGRAPHIC RESUME by matthew hall

50. Resume – work in progress by Rus Adrian Ewald


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