50 Beautiful Printed Brochure Designs For Your Inspiration

Getting tired of the dull trivial brochures that you get on the streets? When you receive brochures of this kind, what do you do with them? Do you take a quick look and then dump it in the nearest available trash can? That’s not what these brochure makers want.

They want to hook you in, make you read the information inside. But in order to do that, they have to be pretty creative to make you keep reading.

In this post I will be sharing with you 50 incredible printed brochure and booklet brochure designs that will help inspire your creativity. These are great ideas for you to improve on your own unique brochure designs.

Note also the influence of web design in modern print design – the use of headers, a lot of white space, and typography choices.

Lake Source

Quem Sou Eu? Who Am I?


Spencer’s Crossing


Farmers Market Brochure

Vespa Brochure

Lois Armstrong Cover

Brazil – Brochure

RVC CPD Brochure 2013

Corporate Business Brochure


Minimal Eyes Brochure

Weight Watchers 360 Program

Tourist Guide Brochure

United States Postal Service Re-Branding

Taj Villas


Hilton F&B Brochure

Foodland Spring Recipe Book 2012

WildLife Brigade

NTU Art & Design Book 08/09

2012 Haworth Seating Promotions Brochure

SDA Cafe Brochure Out

Konami Gaming KP3 Pop-Up Brochure

Cmattic Brochure

Exclusive Horizontal Brochure

Brochure / Poster


Hot Club Portugal

A Project for the Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau

Design Futures Exhibition Materials


RW Swiss Style Brochure


Color Splashes & Textures: Concept Design & Photography

We Speak Design 2011


Grund – Design Trend Collection

Deep Funk Records Brochure

Graphic Floral Shop Brochure Template

Trendy Flower Shop Brochure Template

Retro Barbershop Brochure Template

YPT 2012 Season Brochure

Counseling Brochure Template

Dream of Mind

MCA – A5 Brochure Design

Southern Colour

Underground Cookery School

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