50 Infographics About The Olympics

Have you caught the Olympic fever? Saw Phelps, Bolt and other amazing Olympians win their fair share of medals in London? Think you know everything there is to know about the Olympics Games? Well, the 50 infographics below will definitely put that to the test.

We have infographics with information featuring the start of the Olympics in Greece to the revival period at the end of the 19th century, and Olympics in modern day London (2012).

Find out how various sports were selected and discarded over the years, how people feel about the current Summer Olympics 2012, how swimmers perform their best, etc. There’s even an infographic revealing the encouraging figures of the Special Olympics Games that’s held every two years. Get your brain ready to absorb all the fun facts and impress your friends with these bits of information!

2012 London Olympics (Source: Viator Travel Team)

The Social Olympics (Source: Pappas Group)

12 Olympic History Facts (Source: H.Q. Roosevelt)

50 Olympic Events You Won’t See In 2012 (Source: Find Me A Gift Ltd)

Michael Phelps: Olympics Medals Won (Source: Gulf News)

Olympic Park (Source: Gulf News)

Alternative Facts and Stats of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (Source: Drinks Brands)

Ancient Olympics: How It All Began (Source: South China Morning Post)

Athletes to Watch (Source: Isidore Vic Carloman)

London 2012: Money Trail (Source: Lucille Umali)

Let The Fun Begin! (Source: Lucille Umali)

History of Olympics Games (Source: Mgmtdesign)

The Olympic Evolution (Source: Rachel Swaby)

London 2012 Olympic Venues (Source: Graphic News)

Facts & Figures Behind London 2012 (Source: Time Out London)

London Olympics 2012 (Source: Charlotte Estelle)

London Olympics UK Survey (Source: Jonathan Ring)

London Summer Olympic Games(Source: Infographic List)

London Calling: Mobility and the Olympics (Source: Acme Packet)

London Olympic Games 2012 Infographic (Source: Advisortravelguide)

The Economic Impact of the 2012 London Olympics (Source: Confused)

Triple Host City (Source: Airport-Parking-Quote)

London 2012 Olympics Safety & Security (Source: Airport-Parking-Quote)

London Olympics 2012 (Source: Aidan Stonehouse)

Big Data By The Number (Source: NetApp 360)

The Olympic Medallion (Source: Adonis Durado)

Summer Sports Selection (Source: Adonis Durado)

Ramadan and Muslim Athletes (Source: Adonis Durado)

Olympic Ceremonies (Source: Adonis Durado)

Olympic Mettle (Source: Kyla Tom)

Employees at Work & the 2012 Olympics (Source: SpectorSoft)

Olympic Evolution: Nations’ Participation (Source: Alicia Korn)

Olympic Swimming 2012: Faster, Better, Stronger (Source: Creax)

The Long & Short (Source: The National Post)

Olympic Venues In London (Source: LondonTown)

Socialympics and the Twitter Games (Source: ExactTarget)

Special Olympics Reach Report 2011 Summary (Source: Special Olympics)

Sponsorship of GB Athletes at London 2012 (Source: Synergy Sponsorship)

The Olympics & The World (Source: My Destination)

The Olympics: Everything You Need to Know (Source: Zedduo)

The Rising Cost of Hosting The Olympics (Source: The Payday Loan Company)

Powering Team USA (Source: Chobani)

Atlas of Olympic Success (Source: Guardian News)

The Media Olympics (Source: Waggener Edstrom Worldwide)

What Are Your Chances of Becoming a Summer Olympic Athlete (Source: eCollegeFinder)

London 2012: By The Numbers (Source: Discount Coder)

What’s the Impact of the Olympics? (Source: ClickSoftware)

Interactive Infographics

For interactive infographics, you will have to check them out at the original site for the full effect.

Passing the Torch: An Evolution of Form (Source: The New York Times)

Interactive Infographic of Modern Olympics (Source: Felix Gonda)

2012 Team USA (Source: Carolyn Aler)

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