50 (More) Fantastic Printed Brochure Designs – Part II

If you liked the first collection of fantastic printed brochure designs we had earlier, here’s another batch, ample proof that there is no shortage of creative brochure designs.

It doesn’t matter if they are ready-made or specially tailored for their clients, these brochures are loud and subtle, bright and moody – an ecstatic display of color and craft, sometimes with creative packaging ideas in tow.

Yup, these brochures may come in many shapes and sizes, literally. Here are 50 more examples of creative branding on print brochures and booklet brochures coming up.

Annual Report Brochure


ZIMAT Brochure

Portobello Institute Brochure Pack

Hindenburg brochure

Snowbordets historie

Brochure Franz Ferdinand (NO OFICIAL)

Come and Study

Atmosphere corporate brochure

The White House Project

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Entre Elles Brochure


Brooklyn Arts Council

The White House Project

Brooklyn Public Library


Driven Marketing

IamExpat Brand Brochure

Girl Scouts

Ford Foundation

The White House Project

Ambiental by LaKripTa

Brochure by jojon89

Leporello Street Art design 1 by B3Ns

Myspace.ldz 2009 / visual identification

EEI Brochure by `TheRyanFord

Brochure by Clarissa Schwarz

Moma brochure by jawnagione

Studio R7 Brochure by alexball

KU Radio Brochure Design by mertgumren

Supercars Asia 2012 brochure by Lemongraphic

MHHS Healthcare Brochure by stuckwithpins

School Brochure by KatrineH

AIA Brochure by TheRyanFord

Graphics Brochure by j-Shipley

RW Fresh Restaurant Brochure by Reclameworks

Brochure Designs by creativenrg

Adult Swim 2012 Comic-Con Brochure


ESAM Caen / Cherbourg

Royal Veterinary College CPD Brochure 2012

Promotional Brochure for Troubadour

Sales Brochure

Ann Sacks

YellowBean Brochure 2012

Gaastra Spring/Summer Brochure 2012

Pulsar Retail Brochure 2012

Macalester Fine Arts Events Brochure

Honda Lawn & Garden Brochure

Name your favorite or if you have great artworks to share with our readers, let us know in the comments area.  


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