50 Mountain Lion Messages Keyboard Shortcuts

The latest operating system to grace Apple devices is the Mountain Lion and one of the most exciting features in Mac OS X Mountain Lion is Messages. Messages brings your chatting experience to a whole new level by allowing you to have cross-device conversations with anyone on a Mac (with Mountain Lion), iPod touch, iPhone or iPad (carrying iOS 5 and above).

Mac OS X Messages

With Messages, you can sync documents, photos, videos, and contacts among all your devices. You can even have a group conference and use Facetime (video calls) across any and all devices. Communicating with your fellow Mac peers has never been easier.

We noticed that the fastest way to navigate around Messages is via shortcut keys. Therefore in today’s post, we’re putting together these shortcuts in a list to speed up your Mac OS X Mountain Lion Messages experience. If we had missed any, just add your shortcut to the comments section.

Shortcuts Description
Command + , Preferences…
Control + Command + O My Status – Offline
Control + Command + A My Status – Available
Control + Command + W My Status – Away
Command + H Hide Messages
Option + Command + H Hide Others
Command + Q Quit Messages
Option + Command + Q Quit and Keep Windows
Command + N New Message
Command + O Open…
Shift + Command + W Close Window
Option + Shift + Command + W Close All
Command + W Close Conversation
Option + Command + W Close All Conversation
Command + P Print…
Command + R Go to Chat Room
Command + V Paste
Option + ‚éč Complete
Command + A Select All
Option + Command + C Copy Style
Option + Command + V Paste Style
Command + F Find…
Command + G Find Next
Shift + Command + G Find Previous
Command + E Use Selection for Find
Command + J Jump to Selection
Command + : Show Spelling and Grammar
Command + ; Check Document Now
Shift + Command + K Mark Transcript
Option + Command + K Clear Transcript
Option + Command + T Special Characters…
Command + + Increase Text Size
Command + Decrease Text Size
Control + Command + F Enter Full Screen
Shift + Command + I Show Info
Option + Command + B Show Contact Card
Option + Command + E Send Email…
Option + Command + F Send File…
Command + T Show Fonts
Command + B Bold
Command + I Italic
Command + U Underline
Shift + Command + C Show Colors
Command + M Minimize
Option + Command + M Minimize All
Command + 0 Messages
Option + Command + L File Transfers
Shift + Command + E Show Video Effects
Shift + Command + R Reset Video Effects
Shift + Command + S Take Snapshot

For more shortcuts on OS X Lion, try 10 More New Features + Shortcuts You Should Know and for shortcuts in general, click here.

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